Projectile errors?

  • Multple times since the game was last patched I’ve noticed that the hit registration for projectiles has been a LOT buggier than usual, some of these issues include:

    • Arrows hitting enemy class in the head, taking the helmet off and doing 0 damage to them.

    • Arrows phasing through enemies/teammates and hitting whatever is on the other side of them.

    What has changed to cause these errors I am not sure, but it’s very irritating when these bugs are occuring during a situation when it can make the difference between living and dying (especially in LTS).

  • I have noticed these as well… At first I thought I had perfectly hit top of the helmet, I pointed it out in the chat, and everyone was very confused. You are not alone!

  • Well in the early stages of the game release projectiles would pass your target and still count as a hit. The projectile that flew passed but did damage would no longer do any damage to anyone else though.

    It wasn’t frequent. But you would see your projectile miss and you target die of a hard attack of nearly seeing himself get an arrow to the face.

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