Weird Ping

  • I went in to a server with two of my buddies and we all had around 90 ping because we live relativly close to eachother. But within minuetes my ping will start to rise from 90 to 150, which then ended at around 350 while there pings stayed normal. I dont get what is going on and this is the only game that does this; So I dont believe its a problem with my ISP or router. Any Ideas of how to fix this?

  • Thank for the quick response, I guess it is true what the others are saying about this game. I will not be playing this game and I hope it dies. This game has the worst customer service I have experienced in my life.

  • I agree not cool no one responded. But pings are not really something anyone can do, it is purely the basic internet connection at the very lowest level between you and the server. If you get a crappy ping on multiple servers its your connection. I decent pings on Australian servers - it all depends on the specific servers connection to the internet and your connection to the internet.

  • The thing is, i play multiple games. i have no issues when it comes to ping. Only this game. I even stream League of Legends with no problems. So yeah, its the game.

  • Ok I will take a stab at this. Can you start playing, then when the ping rises, press:

    -“ctrl alt + del”
    -Task Manager
    -Performance Tab
    -Resource Monitor
    -Network tab

    And take a screen shot of the “Processes with Network Activity”, so I can see what is causing you ping problems.

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