Disable Combos After Getting Hit During Weapon Release

  • That’s it

    Right now you can get hit during your weapon release, and still throw out combos

    I don’t think it’s necessary to queue up the flinch to play after the recovery of the weapon, but the recovery should at least be forced after getting hit during your weapon’s release, and comboing disabled

    here’s the problem
    what we have now is fast weapons that can trade blows with slower weapons, and then proceed to get in more hits before the larger weapon can throw out a combo as well, or, get this, before the larger weapon can even leave it’s recovery period if they decide they don’t want to continue mashing attack

    so yeah a nerf for 1handed attack spamming
    this change should have no opposition
    but just to keep this thread bumped, I’m gonna call all of you dummies so you’ll argue with me

    please and thank you C:

  • This is a bug and will be fixed eventually.

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