Vanguard Halberd bug

  • Hi guy

    I found a huge bug about Vanguard Halberd chopping up-down

    Although your guys say “its not a bug” I will enjoy chivalry silently

    Look this video plz

    It is just chopping up-down with halberd, doing look ground

    what was happend?

    Do you guys notice that?

    It even damaged by stick, actually tail

    The head of halberd, spike or axe part didnt hit enemy

    I tried with Long sword type weapons,doing look ground, but they didnt give any damage with hilt

    Only halberd give damage with hilt(stick)

    Or Halberd got invisible blade or spike lol

    im withing your guys answer


  • And you got damaged by his two-hander’s forte (the thick part close to its guard) which is not sharp, has the least kinetic energy and is used for manipulating the weapon. I know that the polearms make it look quite silly but it is not only their problem because in real life just about every weapon hurts seriously only with its last third.

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