NO SERVERS SHOWING tried every fix nothing works

  • did the 100%gamespeed thing : not working
    did the start training /finish training and join a game while doing so
    same with entering a bot game and trying so : not working
    delete the config folder :not working
    delete the whole gamefolder : not working
    installing that masterserver2 stuff :not working
    restart steam and verify gamecache : not working
    restart the pc: not working
    deleting /reinstalling chivalry : not working
    shut off all my antivirus/spyware/firewall : not working
    looking at my steam + cloud putted the ms to lowest :not working

    and i also have this really annoying udk.exe that keeps running while its shut down

    what am i supposed to do ive searched on the internet forums for like 3days straight now nothing seems to work what is going on??? are they fixing this?? i am slowly losing my patience.

  • What happens when you run the alternate server browser


  • thank you this will do for some time but im still not satisfied of the game they need to fix this

  • i dont even get a countdown for the servers now this is stupid and the java thing stopped working sigh whats going on now???

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