Overhand or overhead

  • This may not seem important to some on here but it is a pet peeve of mine since I started playing Chivalry. The correct term for this swing is OVERHAND not overhead. Look at ANY sport with a similar maneuver and or action in the same vein and you will see it is called OVERHAND. Tennis, volleyball, boxing, MMA, and many many more. The fact that you raise you;re sword over your head does not mean that the descriptive term “overhead” is correct. I request that the developers edit this game especially the tutorial to reflect the CORRECT descriptive term for this maneuver.

    Thank you,
    |?i??| StevenMinix

  • In other sports sure. But in this game they are called Overheads. Read the chiv manual page 22.


  • I never claimed that the developers intended to call it “overhead”. My assertion is that the developers are wrong so why would I read the manual? I already mentioned in my post how the in game tutorial refers to it incorrectly as “overhead”.

  • It’s not an incorrect term at all; you will find overhand used in sports such as tennis, bowling and cricket etc, but overhead in Karate, Judo etc. At the end of the day, you can call it whatever you please because people know what you’re talking about, but for 6 years (in Age of Chivalry), the secondary attack has always been referred to as an overhead strike. Before this becomes a mirror of the flinch topic with arguments about who is right and who is wrong, I’m locking this. You’re all right.

  • Not just that, but Chivalry isn’t a sport like Tennis, bowling, etc…

    This is war.

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