Tutorial bug report

  • Just finished playing through the tutorial and have noticed a number of bugs and issues:

    1. Text is very hard to read when on a light background - suggest putting a semi-transparent box behind the text so it can always be read.
    2. Some bad grammar and misspellings - several instances of “your” when it should be “you’re” - i.e. “your a natural”.
    3. Vocals overlapping - most of the script for the guides runs too quickly and so we get overlapping of their lines. This happens most noticeably in the siege section, with Edmund Grayweat and Corm Argwast, but also happens with some of the others.
    4. Mixing up of “RMB” and “LMB” - i.e. in combo training I am told to “spam RMB to hit him with a combo” - also told to use RMB in archery practice when it should be LMB.

    I am not sure how detailed I should be in reporting some of these, especially the grammar errors, misspellings and LMB/RMB mismatches… Is this enough or shall I report on each case individually?

  • I had an issue in archery training where the text “Hit 3 of 4 targets” was stuck on screen, flashing at a pretty rapid pace, for the rest of the tutorial. I would see the messages from other trainers interspersed, but it was impossible to read unless it was the kind of text that stays on screen during the training.

  • Same for me and my friends : archery can’t get finished.
    Translations are fun (some french, some english),
    Vanguard was close to bug i had the message for trying to throw grenades.

    Hope it helps :s

    Nice game, it is fun, a little of humour, I’m having a lot of fun.

  • Hi there,

    I replayed the tutorial today and there is still a grammatical error in the text.

    ! Once you board the ship, the screen fades out and the text says something about Agatha’s people’s blood. The problem is it says “it’s” instead of “its”. “It’s” is short for “it is” and is an exception to the possessive rule involving the apostrophe.

    Kind regards,
    Sir Foxworth

    PS: I absolutely love this game! Thank you so much for making it. I have recommended it to all my friends and am very much looking forward to your future releases. 8-)

  • This is an old topic. Please report all bugs here instead viewforum.php?f=87.

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