Control Profiles

  • Alright this idea is sparked form many users that are binding alt attacks to their primary buttons.

    What i would like to see in this game eventually, is a control profile setting. OR, a mapping for each class. Just like in BF3 or other games, ill stick with BF3 for example. You have different bindings depending on what you’re doing. They have separate tabs for Jet, Helicopter, On-foot etc and you can have different keybinds for each.

    This would be nice in chivalry, to be able to customize controls for when you are archer, maa, knight, and van. You would need 4 tabls in the controls, and be able to keybind for each individually.

    This would be great for example switching between MAA and Knight. For MAA, i would LIKE to bind my alt overhand to normal overhand control which is Mwheeldown. But, i don’t want that to carry over to my knight or vanguard, since their alt overhands seem slower to me, and i don’t want that to happen when i am knight.

    So basically, it would be nice to either have some quickswap way to switch your controls based on class, or to have class specific button layouts that are configurable.

  • This would be amazing, but it might be a lot to have in game. I’d like each class to have a cfg file like in TF2.

  • it’s just a thought… basically i would just like SOME way to have a control mapping for each class. idk how to implement necessarily, the bf3 way is very good, but i’m open to anything.

    I just want to bind alt strikes now, but not for all classes, but theres really no way to do that currently.

  • I know what you mean. My binds for MAA are very different from other classes. Giving each class its own settings could also mean different mouse sensitivities for each class.

  • zomg didnt even think about the sensitivity thing.

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