Simple HOTFIX proposition

  • So after some time reading this forum, playing the game and reporting some bugs, I decided to gather some of the bugs/ideas that should be (IMHO) quite easy to squash/implement and would make the game better and more userfriendly overall.

    Intentionally, I did no include any of the more complicated bugs (e.g. the throw bug that causes you to lose all throwing weapons if you are hit during wind-up etc.) or controversial issues (feints, ghost parries, etc.) because I would like this to be a just a hotfix adding some of te necessary polish to the game with the least amount of work possible and without anyone ranting about “noobs unable to parry” or “game balance”. If you like this idea, please endorse it in the poll.

    BUGS to be squashed:

    1) Maplist has to show all maps, not just the old ones.
    Should be very easy to implement, just change some text files?

    2) Votechangemap should not be blocked for 30 secs if the map proposed does not exist or is disabled.
    If you misspell the name of a map or the particular map is disabled, there is no vote at all. Yet the timer activates and you can’t propose another vote for some 30 secs which is very annoying, especially in combination with some other bugs (TDM Mason win glitch) and may result in people leaving the server. Please remove this.

    3) Allow votekick and votechangemap on all official servers.
    Some still do not have it enabled. Without server admins present, they soon become a den of team-killers and speed hackers ruining the game and giving a very bad impression because it is on official servers. It should be very easy to implement, just change some text files.
    Alternate option: Make me a server admin. I think I can endure playing chivalry 40 hours a week for some measly 500-600 USD a month :D

    4) Activate autobalance on all official servers.
    Some still do not have it enabled. In combination with other bugs (being able to join either team if you are fast enough) it often degrades into a one sided massacre resulting in people leaving the server and giving a very bad impression because it is an official server. It should be very easy to implement, just change some text files.

    5) Disable autobalance in TDM after the resources are exhausted.
    After the resources are exhausted, killed people are perma-dead and sometimes do not want to watch the game (which can take quite long sometimes) and leave the server resulting in one team having much more players than the others. Sometimes the autobalance kicks in, takes a living player from the winning team and adds him to the losing team which kind of defeats the purpose. I am not sure how easy this one is to implement but it would be nice to remove it.

    IDEAS to be implemented:

    1) Rebind Sprint Attack to a different button (so it is not toggled acidentally by LMB).
    If a vanguard does not want to trigger the Sprint attack, he is currently deprived of the right-to-left swing and has to alt-swing. Moreover, the sprint attack can kick in unexpectedly and with disastrous results. Sometimes, the game even forgets to disable it after a different attack or even a parry and the next LMB triggers it anyway. Rebinding Sprint Attack to its specific button (for example MaA’s dodge button) would be a clever workaround for all those issues and it would add some consistency to the game (a button to activate special power… the MaA could even shout out “flash step” or “dodge” while the vanguard would cry “sprint attack” or “thousand angry dragons leap of wrath” :D ).

    2) Maplist should order the maps alphabetically (i.e. all aocffa together, all aocctf together, all aoclts together and so on).
    Right now it is a pain to find a specific map in it, this should sort it out and be very easy to implement.

    3) Devise a structure for configuration/keybinds - there are a lot of controls and buttons and it is a real mess that could use some structure.
    I imagine clearly divided sections like Movement, Attacks, Miscellaneous, etc. Because I sometimes experiment with different keybind settings and it is really pain in the ass to look for the actions scattered in the menu randomly.

    4) Display ping in Duel Mode.
    No need to comment on that I believe.

  • 1 and 2 are already fixed in the next patch. 1 was just a dumb oversight, it happens.

    3 and 4 - which servers are missing it still?

  • ad bugs 3) and 4)
    I will try to take notes when on official servers.

    ad 1) and 2)
    And the patch is coming out when? I suppose “when it is done”. That is what I see as a little problem - I tried to point out some issues that are not really crippling but can be bothersome, but are (IMO) EASY TO FIX. There are people criticising CMW for it’s “lack of polish” and “lacking professionality” and I think these little details are what makes much of the “polish”. Problems that are easy to fix (updating textfiles) are not worth postponing until some large patch is done.

    What about the tweaks? Are they feasible? Do they seem reasonable?

    And I would like to highlight that as of now, 100 % people in the poll agree with me :D

  • Sorry for double post:

    So “Official TDM server #5 [24 players]” is still without team autobalance, we played well over two minutes 8 against 2 until other people joined in.

    I managed to test only “Official TDM server #3 [36 players]” which seemed fine from this point of view (although it was unplayable due to extreme lag). But I played only about 20 minutes there during which I didn’t see any autobalance as the teams were pretty even. Other official servers for TDM were either empty or not listed.

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