"Phantom" blocking; Vanguard leap lag

  • There are many topics that adress the problem of failing parries (when you can even hear the parry clink, yet you are hit) or getting through shields. Now more than ever, I am convinced it all happens due to lag and lag only. Today I have played on a number of servers and it tends to happen quite often on the official ones that suffer terribly from random lagspikes whereas the other servers with less lag issues have very little problems with getting through blocks. Of course this need further testing with more people. Could the forumites take note on which server under which conditions their parry fail?

    Another issue is vanguard’s sprint attack. On official servers I ALWAYS experience a short lagspike with the activation of a sprint attack. When the sprint attack is triggered I am teleported somewhere into the middle of the leap and people around me change positions dramatically. While it makes the sprint attack largely useless to me, I’m more concerned about it happening so regularly. What does sprint attack have to do with lag? Can the lagspikes be sometimes caused by leap attacks server-wide?

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