Ballista and catapult defy gravity! [First post edited]

  • Here’s a glitch I found that’s interresting. It works the same for the ballista and the catapult. I’ve been trying it multiple of time, and for me it’s 100% reproductible if done correctly (which is not hard)

    First off, use a catapult or a ballista on any map. Press the jump,then exit it. If done correctly, the thing will start flying and get stuck in midair like this : … =130188882

    Something that need to be pointed out is that only the person who did this glitch can see it. If you are using the catapult for exemple, the rock will be thrown from the ground, below you. Other poeple don’t see it. In other word, you see and think you are in the air, but everyone else see you in the ground. This picture is the result of my discovery: … =130188605
    I was on the top of the catapult, but if I moved, I was back on the ground.

    Try it by yourself and see if I’m not crazy!

    Edit : I change the method, you have to jump first, THEN get off the catapult/ballista.
    I tried it with a bunch of people, and the result were quite funny. Only the person who do the glitch will see it, the others will see you on the ground. But everyone can do it in the same game and the result will be the same.

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