Looking for a high skill clan

  • I´m level 36 Vanguard with plenty of duel experience, searching for a clan to make things more interesting, please send me a message if you want me :)

  • For us; personality is first and foremost.

    We like to think that there is something for everyone, from competition fighting to the casual player that wants to improve their game by training with our top players to the players who come on TS for a natter. Quite a few of the clan have taken up Ghost Recon and Killing Floor and we have separate TS rooms for this, we even have one for Photoshop where people swap How To tips!

    If you are in the EU and your ping is OK on our servers then fill in an application. We are a young but quickly expanding Clan (something like 50 members) so with a lot of hard work at rank 36 you would have half a chance of making it on to the team. Do bear in mind; if you have ambitions of joining our fighting elite, it’s Chiv and nothing but Chiv and if you can’t train everyday we WILL want to know why.

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