Zweihänder overhead bug

  • I am swarming the forum with bugs today I know, I have just encountered another one and pretty strange. On an FFA server I joined as usual as a vanguard with my trusty zweihänder but any overhead cuts that I performed went straight through the enemy as if they were ethereal. No hit, no damage whatsoever. It did not happen with any other type of attack (didnt try alt-overhead though) or any other weapon, just zweihänder primary overhead and when I changed the weapon back, it did not work still.

  • Oh yes I get that one too. Does seem odd when a Zweihander passes through a player who is close enough to you that they physically block your movement. Those unaware archers that should have died…

  • When you mention blocking, it passed through blocks too I think. Maybe the tracers didn’t activate? I forgot I could use the console command to show them…

  • As an aside to the Zweihander bugs, as MAA I have been one-shotted by an overhead to the foot and a slash to the head on multiple different occasions, both of which shouldn’t be happening. Is it overtuned, MAA taking Archer damage instead? Am I just crazy?

  • The game may be deceptive in this regard… After the last patch, I noticed a little problem with the game telling me I am wounded with the appropriate sound and red sight. It happens seldom but it does. Also it may happen you forgot you were hurt.
    And finally there is the possibility you got hit by two people at once (one standing behind you or even an archer) so that it seemed as one hit to you but the zweihander made contact a milisecond later and took the kill. I can’t count the number of times that I caused votekicks indirectly… Two people duelling, my teammate has a quick, short and weak weapon… and misses obviously… while I one shot the opponent from behind with an overhead. Sometimes people overlook the kill-log (it may be too fast) and call the other one a cheater (one-shot with a dagger??? from two metres???) while it was me who took the kill.

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