• Location: USA-CHICAGO-2
    IP address:
    Port: 9354

    Ive changed the name of the server to NO ARCHER WEEKEND! for this event!

    This is my server, i’m having an event this weekend with no archers allowed. Maplist includes heavy on TO, but throws other game modes between. I have limited archers to none just to have a fun weekend where people are mostly full melee combat and not worrying about archers plucking them. I had fun earlier… there are people in the server playing currently so go check it out.

    This is not about hating archers, i just wanted to have this event so people could experience that. So if you want to join up, check it out.

    We also have a mumble.
    Pass: Chiv

    (not many in right now, but maybe later)

    If you don’t like this, check my buddys server Dost Thou Even Hoist Archers Limited.


  • No archers? How would I win then.

  • Shame that there’s a bug that’ll let you pick a class you’re not supposed to be able to. There’ll be at least one archer.

  • That bug will be fixed.

    And this sounds fun Clayton. I may just make my presence known at some point ;)

  • Noobcake, no archers no fun.

  • It’s allways no archer weekend on my server. FFA 1 vs 1 duel with some archer shooting from a distance on everyone is annoying :D

  • I hope you name the server “Vanguard Club”. ;)

  • Does this mean that we are close to being able to limit weapons on servers? (see various fist/knife fight threads) or is this still a pipe dream? and the only limits that can be applied are “Class” based???

  • I will DEFINITELY be making an appearance, If I’m able to get on the proper computer that is… lol.

    Is the server ranked? I’m always concerned about that.

    int | Humblar Tabulu

  • Thanks to all that came by, KIMI, humblar, some of the other Vq guys. It was def fun. Will have to do more things i n the future with the limited server side options currently.

    Humblar, idk i think its ranked? haha no idea.

  • You’re welcome! We had some good times :)

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