Initial Impressions - Post here!

  • At first I thought the combat would be clumsy and boring but it turned out to be false.
    The combat is smooth and devastating. Youe lose arms heads and leggs like never before. The sound is very satisfying, the clash of steel and the shouts of warriors fighting or rather dying in the battlefield.
    I find myself sucked into the game everytime and fear for my life in-game which is really neat.

    I liked the size of the maps and the variety of modes so far.
    I find the game to be very beautiful. The maps are rich and big and the models are well detailed.
    The ragdolls act as expected and they are very satisfying.

    I didn’t like though the many bugs on the server list which sometimes prevented me from playing at all for a couple of hours. I think the game should be more rewarding for successful players who accomplish sometimes the impossible with or without the rest of their team.

    I like how you can actually master a class in the game and you can obviously see the skill of the player you are about to engage in combat. I’ve witnessed weak players and was torn apart by very skilled players. A skilled player can destroy a knight with shield using only a dagger!

    Very nice game. Great investment.

  • Love it!

    Would love even more if you had Kingdom Of France vs Kingdom Of England instead of the current teams. (no differences only in their sayings)

  • First impressions are very good. The meat of this game is the combat and the devs have designed a great balance between fun/accessible and “skill based”. I think the game should keep to this spirit and not get bogged down in trying to emulate realistic fighting. As others have said there is already a lot of depth available in this fairly simple system if you care to pursue it.
    The art and maps are all very good. Weapon variety is satisfying though armor variety is lacking. Class and weapon balance also needs a lot of work which is another topic though.
    Carry on Torn Banner, this is a very fun and promising start.

  • Initial Impression:


    On the surface it is simple rock paper scissors, but beneath that it is much more complex. Very fast paced, enjoyable and addictive. For objective mode there is tons of potential for team strategy if your voip’ed up with your friends.

    Lots of weapons that are all very usable regardless of which tier of unlock it is. Although more is always better. Do wish that there was unlockable cosmetics. Really needs different varitions of surcoats, and helms that could be unlocked to show status and ease of communication of the battlefield.

    Server support:
    I have hosted many servers in the past, but I find this server software the most difficult to use. The pdf isn’t really clear to a techno layman, and it really needs a gui. The create game option SHOULD allow you to host a game for you and your friends like valve has done on l4d2.

    Single player:
    This mode should either come with all weapons unlocked or allow you to unlock them for offline use only. I enjoy multiplayer but sometimes dont want to deal with online gamers.

    Great game but would like to see some cosmetics added to the list of unlocks and possibly an expanded single player mode.

  • I just got this game and am liking it quite a bit. Though there are bugs, the game play is solid. My main thoughts for improvements include increasing archers speed to faster then plate wearers (lets MaA have their shtick) and allow Javelin throwers to be able to block while reloading. I have been recommending this game to all my friends, and really look forward to seeing future content.

  • @Vallyr:

    Single player:
    This mode should either come with all weapons unlocked or allow you to unlock them for offline use only. I enjoy multiplayer but sometimes dont want to deal with online gamers…

    Too bad. It’s a multiplayer game :?

  • I really, really love this game! I feel like it’s got a really good base for something really magical, and I want to see you guys do it!

    The combat is visceral. Everything in this game is earned. I am tired of action RPGs with RNGs and no real nuance. But everything you do in this game is something that you have to do yourself. The randomness is on account of the players, and it makes the game so much more interesting to play.

    The Monty Python tutorial? That was genius! I loved it. Please do more of that. It was kind of a tease for the lore of the world, so I want to see more. The music inbetween rounds is very funny. I would totally like to see more of that. Maybe even some voiceovers before the battles to explain things? Or two characters talking about the battle? That’d be really good.

    tldr; keep making this game bigger and more awesome. I bought four copies and have been handing them out to my friends. It’s that good.

  • This game is epic!!
    Ive bin in epic gun fights in BF3, but the epicness of epic sword fights in this game is unequaled.
    I love it =]

  • I tried Age of Chivalry a long time ago, but didn’t play much. I’ve been playing M&B:Warband (mostly with the mod cRPG) for two years, and, after trying out Chivalry, I can’t stop playing it!

    They are completely different but Chivalry still makes a really solid game, despite some bugs (which is natural with a release), and, especially, extremely fun.

  • Warbow w/ Bodkin arrows is ridiculously fun.
    As it caving in skulls with the Maul.

    I think you guys succeeded in making every fps on the market appear to have archaic melee combat.
    I can only hope that this game is the death of the quick knife and the start of a new direction in first person melee combat.

    Playing Chivalry just opens my eyes to how some of our beloved modern games could really evolve.
    Just Imagine Skyrim or Fallout 3 with Chivalry melee.

    So basically whatever project you guys decide to work on next I will be following closely, and keep up the good work I would really like to see what direction you guys take with this game in the upcoming updates.

  • I’ll voice my first impressions as pros and cons. These are entirely based on my opinion.

    • Combat is new, skill based, awesome in general.
      In other games, there’s no depth to melee combat. There’s usually just one basic attack, no stamina system, etc, and fights entirely consist of dancing around each other, trying to hit the other without being hit yourself. Sometimes there’s some form of blocking ability (through means of a shield), but the depth usually ends there. It’s nice to see something new in terms of melee combat, and especially with it being so well done. I especially like how weapon swings hit based on the actual weapon, allowing you to, for example, swing your sword but stall the actual hit by looking a bit toward the direction the swing is coming from.

    • Accessibility
      This is a little bit of a con. The tutorial is thorough and teaches players all the basics they need to know about the combat, and even some tricks like feigning an attack, combos, etc.
      The problem with accessibility, is the other players. After completing the tutorial, I jumped into a match and was completely destroyed; people were jumping, ducking, feign-chaining, dancing around me, and all sorts of other advanced moves. I managed to more or less overcome this by training in 1v1 servers, and it’s definitely been fun so far. What I really like however, is that you can develop your own fighting style. There’s no specific styles tied to any of the classes, leaving it entirely to the player to decide how they want to play.

    • Archers
      Big con. Every online game with classes, has that one class that seems fun to play, so all the new kids play it (and cause your team more harm than good due to the lack of proper combat classes). Not only that, it’s also hard to be an effective archer. You’ll have to develop game sense for Chivalry and know how to support your team, to play archer effectively. You’ll also need experience with the archer class, as nobody likes being killed by their own archer teammate. Another downside of the archer is that it just feels like a cowardly class. You can sit up there, behind all your melee teammates, spamming arrows at me all day… and I can never actually reach you. It’s just annoying.

    • Weird view bug, double-tap dodge, key binds
      These are the only actual problems I have with this game, so far.
      View bug: sometimes when an attack hits me, my weapon (and shield if I have one) disappear, and the view warps to a completely random direction. This usually lasts until I press the block button.
      Double-tap dodge: Please let me disable this. I keep unintentionally dodging, simply through my natural movement. Being able to set the sensitivity for it helps a bit, but it’s still a minor problem. I’ve set a button for it, so I’d like to be able to rely solely on said button.
      Key binds: Please allow me to set the archer’s arrow-cam and MAA’s dodge to the same key.

    That is all. The game is, overall, very well made. It introduces some mechanics I haven’t seen in any other games yet, and every moment of the gameplay is just fun.

  • I am a big Age of Chivalry fan. My biggest complaint about AoC was bad hit-detection. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare has great hit-detection. Gone are the days of thinking,“I totally should have hit that guy!” Or, “No way that got me!” I also like how the stamina has been improved. Looking at the tip of the weapon when parrying requires skill, much like War of the Roses’ directional blocking, yet it is far more intuitive than WotR’s system. Melee games are far more fun to me than shooters. I realize that there are ranged weapons in CMW, but I still feel that it is mostly a melee based game. To me CMW has the best melee combat engine of any game. I would really like more games like The Elder Scrolls and other fantasy middle ages games to make their combat engines more like CMW’s; It has great depth without getting too complicated. Thanks to all the great people at Torn Banner for making what I consider to be one of the best video games ever made!


  • I’m reading other members posts like “hysterics” and i am not completely sure if its a good thing or bad?

    I’m watching these awesome videos online… and I go wow. I buy this game I log on and it’s like downhill from that moment on. What kills me is that you have knights who supposedly have 50lbs of armor on them… run, jump and move like in the matrix. imo, combat has to be slowed down a bit. movements and such have to be slowed down. as of right now… its a silly first person shooter game with daggers nothing more… ohh and yea we (users) have to pay for it… but I could get first person shooter for free…
    I know that there are only few of you guys and that you cant do everything at ones but please may i suggest that you go and see some professional medieval fights on youtube and adjust combat system. thanks!

  • @Dr2Evil:

    What kills me is that you have knights who supposedly have 50lbs of armor on them… run, jump and move like in the matrix.

    You tend to be very agile in an armor.

  • First impressions

    I love it, absolutly love it, my only big gripe is the fact no multi-million/billion pound company hasnt realised this is how every Fantasy MMORPG combat mechnicas should be, and havnt made a MMORPG like this (though….that has nothing to do with u guys),

    The game in itself is great, few minor bugs, such as animations glitching ect and Spears still doing insane damage when swung at point blank range, but there easily fixable.

    More Team Maps would be nice but i understand ur only a indie developer company, and cant afford to release a fully polished game, im sure more will follow.

    The dev team seem to really listen to the community, or at least give the image that they are.

    so far ive lost 6-7 hours of my life, and im sure i’ll loose another 200 before becoming bored.

    some sort of 1v1 gladiator ranked matches would be nice, were u can unlock asthetic only armour/wep upgrades that would really add some flavour to the game, maybe something for the future?

    Heres an easy update for you -
    some sort of Map, were its 60 v 60 on a open map, just a massive battle, and maybe some more interactive siege modes, were u can put ladders against walls ect, and open the gate from the inside, if u cant knock it with a battering ram
    I think u just need to focus on making it abit more “sandboxy” rarther than set objectives,

    my 2cence, but apart from that im enjoying it

  • First impression is: OMGBBQAWESOME! I really love this game, just a few things missing for my taste i did open a topic on it on suggestions** though, in the hope you might actually read and consider some of the stuff, atleast the real Guild Option…

    Other from that good work, keep it up guys, you deserve only good things!

    Yours faithfully onRAWR

  • Ok. here goes my opinion.
    I bought the game because i like this kind of games.
    I think it’s very fun to play, you laugh a lot in many situations. The game is very well done.
    The only thing is, they should have released it after fixing more bugs, in my opinion the game has quite a lot important bugs that could have been fixed before launching the game officially, some of them like options being reset randomly after quitting the game.
    Or an audio bug where you lose the audio and you have to restart the game. Not to mention the servers bug where sometmes the ammount of people surpasses the maximum of people.
    Otherwise its a great enjoyable game.

  • Love the game, love the combat, you’ve really hit the big time with this game. Well done.

  • My very first impressions after about 6 hours of play…
    First the good…
    It is pretty, very pretty. Maps look great with very little critique visually. I did manage to find some map holes where I would get stuck and a few light bleeds between brushes (or what ever UDK calls them) Lighting is very well done in most maps with the exception of the moon tends to do this weird pixelation haze but that could be my puter and graphics card. I also really dig the water physics or animations over the HL2 engine but I have a feeling they could even be better. Menus seem fluid and well laid out. Models look really pretty good too minus the mason heavy knight, just not a fan of the design. Like lots of weapon choices but not sure how many will chose the lower level weapons once the upper are unlocked. Seems kind of redundant but we shall see.

    There are a few whistles and bells that are cool, once, like arrow cam, MAA dodge, and Vanguard rush (not that I can do it on command or accurately, yet) I also like that many classes can throw weapons yet still annoyed by a fully armored class being able to throw anything with any degree of accuracy or distance. But that is just me.
    The bad…
    Biggest issue is with combat and movement, that the fights seem very slow and sluggish. Response to action just doesn’t seem fast enough. I read that the attacks seem to have more weight but that is because the animations and response from input to action is slow or delayed. The same is true with movement. I feel like I am walking through mud. Dancing and feinting, in movement seems impossible along with any type of zigzaging to trow off archers aim with the exception of two classes that have a sprint or dodge, which kind of seems not very well planned out or executed in game. Leaving strafing also pointless as that speed seems too slow or sluggish as well. It might be good enough for really close melee but not for being able to truly out maneuver your opponent. This leads me to another issue and that of not being able to turn and defend or attack someone behind you. I have turned my mouse sensitivity about as high as I can without it going crazy yet it is still very slow to turn around when to block or attacking someone who is attacking you from behind, thus the spam from behind just gets annoying. Javelin animation once his arm raises to throwing position, it looks all wrong as there seems to be no throwing animation making it hard to judge when to raise a shield or dodge. The arm raises and boom your dead, no time to raise a shield.

    Sprint seems almost non existent but I know it is there, but there just seems little to no difference in speed and with the exception of the Vanguard the added speed physics to weapons damage also seen limited or non existent. I see that it can be toggled but what it the point if there is no cost in stamina for sprinting or jumping?

    Jumping and crouch overall seem to have been improved over AOC but with the Jump+squat nerfed, is a little annoying. WTF happened to jump+squat to get on or over objects? It seems to be no difference between jump and jump+squat. You either can or cannot get to some areas or on objects. That brings me to the far too many invisible walls that seem to be popped into locations that don’t quite make sense. You also cannot seem to jump through some windows and others you can. There is also an issue with going completely through some objects like trees and rocks and others you cannot. But I am sure that is a mapping issue and has been discussed before…

    Another thing that I found somewhat annoying is the inability to make accurate hits on locations that looked accurate. With the dot crosshair, it didn’t seem that a stab to the face actually made a hit to the face. The Swing seemed fairly accurate and the overhead a little less accurate. But maybe that is me not making the right range and location choices. But in AOC I am deadly accurate with a stab to the face, doing lots of damage. Again, maybe that is just practice.

    I think, like many that have played AOC for years find this initially frustrating at first, so I will give it a month or so before I give full review. (I know you are sooo looking forward to that one after the AOC CR2 review ;-p) It is hard to give first impressions because they are so premature with a game this in depth and coming from 5 years of AOC to compare it too, given AOC’s ups and downs. I cannot say I fully enjoyed playing it the first few times as I was more about exploring the maps, trying to figure out the new controls (I cannot play default settings and went with more of a gamer’s config) and playing with the different classes. Thank goodness for my AOC background or I would have had my ass handed to me, but I was doing ok, usually in the top 5 or so. I didnt have great KDR because there seems to be just too many noobs spamming the swing thus feinting and blocking seem irrelevant and distance and timing seem to be far more relevant along with simply sneaking up behind people and killing them.

    These are just a few off the top of my head as I am sure much of this has been said before in one way or another. Congrats on getting the game released and i look forward to some patches and content releases.

  • So, time for my impression.

    Long story short? I am extremely positively impressed. The long awaited War of the Roses failed miserably, so I did not expect much from Chivalry after I heard of it but 2 seconds in the game and you guys got me hooked. I had a good laugh while doing the training (especially when you finish the feinting part ;) ) and was in shock&awe while achieving my first kills in TO (my favorite game mode).
    The sounds are very well done, visuals are OK - but nothing fancy. But thats not important anyway. What is, is the gameplay and when it comes to that, you guys were creative and kinda innovative. Again, TO hits the nail for me. I am so tired of DM and TDM only games. Raizing a village and killing civilians may be a brutal objective, but finally something new. Same goes for the royal family evilgrin

    After ~30hrs ingame, I find the classes very well balanced. Every class has pro and cons, same for every weapon. The only exception for me is the Bardiche which is like the Grim Reaper´s Scythe for me :?

    I do miss the possability of customization which is something that can be very addicting. On the other hand, just some different models and skins for each class to choose from, would be good enough for the moment. It just bothers me that every Knight looks exactly like the other etc.

    The core of the game, the combat system, could hardly be any better. At first, I had the impression that nothing could top Mount & Blade´s system. Oh boy was I naive! After playing Chivalry for 2hrs, I instantly left the M&B multiplayer scene, knowing I would never have to return.

    Archery on the other side, is kinda under-developed, like many people already said. Im an archer myself and shoot a longbow (atm). a pure wooden bow should not be anchored for more than a second, if at all, for several reasons. For one, it is exhausting due to the many pounds you have to draw and on top of that: The bow will lose some energy - resulting in a less powerful/short falling shot.
    Just take a quick look at this: [youtubehd:h1zzhvlg]o4Vd3KP-LnQ[/youtubehd:h1zzhvlg]

    That is pretty much how it should be. For gameplay reasons, allow the player to anchor the bow for a second, but not more. Additionally, get rid of the crosshairs and the extreme accuracy. It always shoots perfectly centered and thats not very authentic. Add a little “recoil” after each shot to simulate the release - and bring the player off target/his holding point so more skill is necessary for this weapon. Some ppl say “buff the bow, it is too weak!” I say, it is just fine. After my first 50 arrows, I did not kill crap and started to get a little frustrated. Now, after ~30hrs, I feel like Robin Hood sometimes. Especially because of the things missing I mentioned above.

    What else to say?
    Oh yes. I am also VERY impressed by you guys, the Devs! You really care about your community, not like so many other companies. You listen, you work, you fix. You don´t just release an unfinished product, patch it once or twice so it is barely playable for the most and then just start releasing overpriced “extra content” that has been ingame since release - just well hidden and abandon the game from that point.

    You are a perfect positive example, hats… err… helmets off to you! bow

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