Initial Impressions - Post here!

  • This game is too damn addicting, I have a life dammit.
    This game is awesome, sometimes frustrating, but always fun and exciting, Great Job!!!

  • What a brilliant game shame there is no option to party or servers that manage to stay up for more than 2 minutes could be amazing with better servers and the heavy armoured types need to be slowed down.

  • i have 69 hr on this game . i have had steam for years and every game i purchase has had no problems until this. the concept is great, but for the sever issues… from not seeing the servers ,to the 3 min to get any internet back on my comp after the servers don’t show up. i am addicted to playing the game(when i’m not sitting waiting on a server). all and all the game is a good idea but i think they still have a lot of work to do .

  • So at first i had multiple problems with the game and i was pretty mad about it.
    However it was quickly solved by the moderators and now this is by far one of the best games i have played 2012.

    I want to thank the team for putting up with me being a complete a** and for making one of the greatest games ever!

  • This is such a wonderful blend of arcade action and realism, for a medieval warfare game. I would argue, however, that melee could have been a bit faster (would make things much more interesting!). Nevertheless, the game manages to be quite satisfying due to dismemberment and the intense effects that hacking, stabbing and bashing have on yourself and your enemies.

    One thing I really appreciate is the amusing spirit the game garners for me. The things that take place during a match and the voice commands… it almost feels like the whimsical and delightfully over-the-top Pirates, Vikings and Knights II, at times. :D

    Overall, the community seems to be pretty mature and while there are some rotten eggs whom could really use a better gaming philosophy, they’ve never spoiled the game for me!

  • I am more of a MMORPG person, rarely play FPS. But saw a video of this two days ago and it looked awesome. I don’t know if I got a later version but I see few of the issues others have mentioned in this thread.

    So now I am 25 hours on steam and loving it - big time.

    1. Love the viciousness and realism of the melee.
    2. Love that skilled players beat unskilled players.
    3. Blocking is so satisfying - though not easy.
    4. Love the multi-objective team play.
    5. Love how friendly fire will mess up your team mates lol.

    Personally I went with focusing on an archer, although in someways it is the weaker class it suits my gameplay.

    Suggestions from my first hours

    1. As an archer I would like to be able to train with the bow in training, it is hard to tell how far the arrow will fly straight for.
    2. As an archer I should be able to Kick with my bow in hand - if a pikeman can I should be able to.
    3. It took me a while before I realized if I held LMB I hold the arrow lol.
    4. Autobalance should probably use an algorithm to help out the losing side if it moves a player over due to the other team is losing. i.e. move over a high ranked player or someone with high kills.
    5. Second tier weapons are confusing - they seem to have inferior stats (but I love my third tier warbow now that I have it).
    6. The music is very loud when you start the game and wait to join your first map.
    7. Further on balancing, the most exciting matches are close so consider changing the official servers to not allowing you to choose sides, rather have it auto assign based upon rank so that the total of the teams ranks is as near even between the two teams as you can get it.
    8. A tooltip so you can see how to unlock the locked special items would be nice.

    Anyway thats all off the top of my head - well done great game.

  • I am a few hours into the game and I like it though, to be honest, half of the time I played Chiv I thought of the old AOC and thought it was better than this. I have become accustomed but I have a few suggestions. I won’t bother you with what I like, I know that devs don’t want to hear that. What I’m not such a huge fan of:

    1. 64 players; nothing is ready. The game is not ready because it’s too bloody PC demanding and the servers are not ready because high latency occures. Those two things combined makes for a pretty crappy game session.

    2. HW demanding issues - don’t get me wrong, I have Core i7, 12GB ram and AMD 6850 1GB, which I consider as a pretty great gaming PC (haven’t had a single problem with it gaming wise). I have W8 Pro and I must say that this is the first game that I have to have at the lowest settings possible. I’m very sensitive to low fps because I suffer from migrenes so I can tell that the game needs A LOT of polishing. 3rd person view after one’s death is outright TERRIBLE. It’s so sluggish that I get nausiated after like 10 seconds watching it. And the game is so terribly demanding; for the love of god, I can run everything I want at at least high details (if not the highest) and that includes games like Crysis, Starcraft Battlefield 3 and Metro. Please, do something about it, pretty please.

    3. One map is just terrible and everyone knows it. Yes, I’m talking about this one. No one I’ve ever met in the game actually liked the map! Why not remove it or redo it? It was the first map I played and the first words in the game were “Not this map again”. I’m not kidding, it’s just a bad map.

    Other than those issues (mainly 1 and 2), I consider Chiv as a pretty good successor to AOC. I’ll try to keep playing it and see how long will it last for me. However, if I get dizzy everytime I get to see someone from 3rd point of view, there’s a pretty big chance of me not regarding the game very highly…

  • First impressions.

    I didn’t even know this game existed, and then I saw video of it on steam (through the xmas sale) and was like WHOAH. Then bought it and haven’t stopped having a blast. I love the gore, and I love the different classes, they all have something unique to bring.

  • Played AoC on release, didn’t know it was the same folks. Wasn’t sure what to expect from the genre after AoC was random at best, but Steam sale and video of the game made it worth trying.

    My mind was blown. The attack and perry system for the most part seems skillful and robust. And despite being an indie game the amount of polish is very good (UT3 engine tends to look good to boot). I was especially impressed by the audio and gritty feel to the battle. Things like hearing a slain enemy chortling on his own blood, or an unintelligible cry from a fallen foe in pain (or the with his last dying breath “Agaaatha…”) definitely places you INTO the battle. Not to mention severed limbs and battered bodies strewn all over (although decapitation is overdone a tad, especially as a result from blunt weapons).

    The music as well seems accurate to the era and very well done for an indie. A few pieces such as “Duty and Honor” are inspiring and really set the mood to do medieval battle.

    You’ve come a long way since AoC, great job!

  • I have played the game for a week, 2-6 hours a day and it is reeeeaaaly fun and competetive, actually this is the most “personal” competetive game i have ever played it feels so intense, and as you can tell my most favorite part of the game is dueling. Not just dueling servers but when im up against another knight or vanguard In a objective game ,it gets much more exciting than running in to a crowd and swinging swords all over the place. I actually dont like 1v1 with Maas and archer not because i hate them or that i think they are op/up , its just not as fun as vang/knight fights. Also the objectives are fun, well thought and realistic, all 3 layers of objectives are all different and interesting to do, they are not repetetive. I cant count everything i like but i can count everything i dont like about this game, its REALLY hard go get in a server with low-mid pings with your friends, either they get errors, cant see servers, or we get 180~ pings. But its really fun when you finally get in a decent server.
    Love the game. Hope you guys keep up the goodwork and make this a waaay greater game, its nowhere near its full potential.

  • game is broken, should be considered a stable alpha or beta…

  • After some good critic on Canard PC a french video games magazine, i’ve waited for a promo on steam to buy it.

    And wow first time i launched it i choosed the knight with the hammer, and it was a butchery. I could’nt stop laughing. It was the middle age brutality i was waiting for.

    Exploding heads, screams, blood, cry, everything was here. I was amazed by the amount of details, like this guy burning and screaming for 20 seconds.

    And the cherry on the cake were the scream. The archer made me laugh at least 1 hour.

    By the way can you show us the pictures of the guy making the screams IRL. :D

    I need to see the guy behind the archer’s voice lol

  • half of the time i’m immersed and in love of the game, other half i’m cussing the fucker to oblivion.
    changing keybinds is an absolute clutter and a pain to do.
    server shows ping as <50, yet once I’m in I’m at 80-100 and teleporting every now and then
    ~50% of damage taken is from friendlies; how is there no server cmd to set FF to off??
    attacks sometimes clip through shield

    1v1 situations are no fun.
    controls are a bit awkward to get accustomed to at first but they’re alright.

    the setting, the physics and the UI are godlike.

    seems impossible to get better at the game though

  • Everything is too buggy especially the server browser. The friend tab doesn’t work, you can’t join a friend’s game through the steam interface unless you close the game first and the player numbers displayed in the server list seemingly have nothing to do with the amount of players who are actually playing on any server. Also weapon changing is confusing and often doesn’t work properly with shields randomly disappearing and weapons becoming stuck. I frequently get caught on parts of ground I should be able to run over. My resolution is reset every time I start the game and rebinding the I key (for reloading and picking up ammo) doesn’t work.

    All in all the atmosphere is hilarious and the combat is incredibly fun but the game is lacking the level of polish I’d expect from a released game. All of the weird glitches that pop up are jarring, take me out of the game and make It feel like I’m playing a mod instead of a standalone title.

  • I’ve played the game for a while but didn’t post any impressions yet. Playing Chivalry is fun and feels very rewarding (“I just cut his head off!”). Great job so far! The game feels quite balanced. There are minor issues which can be resolved (small changes - please don’t listen to these nerf/buff hypers). Most maps are well designed although FFA maps could be bigger - they are fine with few players but if you play on a populated server you will get backstabbed/spawnkilled a lot. Poor Archers get melted because Knights and Vanguards keep spawning right in their faces.

    Sadly I keep encountering some bugs over and over. Most servers appear to be full at all time even if there are only 2 or 3 people playing on them. Sometimes I need to search for quite a while until I find a suitable one. Also I get stuck a lot (others too of course) and my warrior refuses to walk over minor obstacles - I have to jump to get over a ~20cm stone which is annoying especially mid battle.

    Some things are weird to me:

    • Throwing axes do piercing damage (why not swing or swing/blunt - they are axes after all)
    • You can’t burn stuff (objectives etc.) using the firepot which renders the item quite useless as it also doesn’t deal much damage.
    • The speed boost you get while chasing feels massive - I have seen Knights outrunning Archers and Men at Arms. In my opinion slower classes shouldn’t be able to catch faster classes that easy.
    • Using war machines displaces your character. Basically you press E and your model jumps to another place. It’s just annoying and frustrating for people who want to hit you. (I don’t like the catapult controls either - AoC catapults were much better und much more fun. Plus they didn’t cause any displacement.)

  • Really well done with human vs human but the single player with bots needs some work, I’m noticing on the Team Objective maps that the bots don’t even attempt to help you with the objective (burn X building, light pyre, etc) they just attack the soldiers, which is fine for Team Death Match or Last Team Standing. Also when the spawn area is in an area with hills, some don’t know how to move out of there; they just run around on that platform til you either kill them or kick them out of the area that they’re stuck on. A single player campaign with this wouldn’t be amiss either.

  • My impressions after ~10 hours.

    -Movement sometimes is completely unresponsive.
    -Vanguard sprint attack is way too hard to time, usually results in me bumping and sliding on the enemy, striking behind him, no damage done.
    -Weapon stats seem to be inconsistent between weapons, i.e high range weapon seem to have very little range while others have the indicated amount of relative range. Might be due to the fact that it looks like your weapon should be reaching way further than it actually hits.
    -Fists are too fast and hit too hard.
    -Overhead strike misses when the blade would be hitting the elbow.
    -Hits get blocked when the enemy isn’t doing the “block” animation.

    I mostly have a problem with establishing the range between me and the target and the range my weapon can reach.

    Good combat mechanics and game overall. Looking forward to future updates.

  • I have been playing the game for couple days now and i’m pretty pleased by what i saw, great game and i’m sure it will be greater in due time. There are issues of course but which game doesn’t :)

    • Server Filter can do with a bit more detailed options. For example i don’t wish to play “last team standing” but i wish to search for all the other game mods, not only one. Also on the map list, it would be better to make it clearer which server is playing which game mod. Looking at the map tags like “lts” or “ffa” took me back to my CS days yes, it’s nice nostalgia but still :)

    • Camera movements after death has a lot of issues, especially when i get decapitated i really do not wish the camera to spin with the head couple of times, it’s making me dizzy.

    • Sprint can be unresponsive from time to time, one second i’m sprinting then i’m not sprinting, i have to release the “shift” button and press again, release and press again etc. Especially when the fight is intense and you need to fight, run, sprint, fight again in matter of seconds it can be a problem.

    Other than that great work “Torn Banner” keep up the good work :)

  • This game is a strait 10/10
    I have been looking for this type of game for years, and finally saw it on Steam. After seeing the promo video, it was an instant sale.

    What I Liked

    • How difficult it is.
    • I feel like I’m actually developing skill as a swordsman. I play the 2H sword knight.
    • The Gore, heads rolling
    • The “badassness” of most of the soldiers voices, very well done
    • Archers are useful, they kill me often enough
    • The classes may not be ‘balanced’, but they feel different. ( Although I’m unsure the difference between Vangaurd and Knight 2H)
    • INSTANT action, the training was an excellent tutorial

    What could use improvement?

    • Grouping with my friends is VERY hard
    • Ability to invite friends to a game via steam
    • Ability to spawn as a group, or in the same area as my friends
    • (THANK you for highlighting my steam friends names)

    I’d like to learn more about development
    I’m a PHP Developer currently working in a very high class company. I saw you’re looking for mods and such to be developed. Please let me know where to get started.


    The user can be locked in to the Archer class, or perhaps even a lower class, like peasant or squire.

  • Needs a LOT of polishing.

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