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  • I like the action, I like lopping off arms and heads, though I don’t do it much. The objective maps are fun aside from the new one with the volcano. That one is most irritating. Shields and blocking - where do I begin? They seem totally random, especially in 3rd person view. I’m also noticing hits (given and taken) that didn’t appear to be possible. I don’t understand how I can be hit by a side-slash when I’m toe to toe with a vanguard wielding a pole axe / halberd / brandiche. If I’m inside their swing and the blade / other hurty thing is way at the end of the pole, why do I take so much damage? I know getting hit with that stick is going to hurt, but as much as getting hit with the actual business end of the weapon? Lastly - stuns. Why does a knight armored cap-a-pie get stunned from one dagger hit for the same duration that he does from a much heavier weapon?

    Overall, it’s a fun game that clearly still has some stuff to be worked out. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. I like the game, and I’ll be playing it for a while and keep my fingers crossed that some of the stuff gets fixed.

  • Why, in a medieval massacre, i have to choose a staff?,a piece of wood,pelase tell me, i would like to see an ancient pic of a stupid-suicide-peasant that choose some good wood to beat a knight

  • Best game I have played in a while. Great combat mechanics and great darkish setting!

  • I saw both Chivalry and War of the Roses at about the same time, and…chose poorly. I love M&B, but felt let down by WotR’s combat and general fun-factor. As soon as this went half-off…

    Chivalry is the most hilarious, brutal, addictive game I’ve played in years, maybe “ever” regarding the second one. The best part of the game is the interactivity of the maps, in my opinion. I love running through a burning village chasing down peasants with a knife. I love pouring boiling oil on a battering ram crew at the gates of our castle. I love stopping a leaping Vanguard mid-attack with a spear to the gut while my buddy shoots a ballista at a warship.

    The game consistently creates exciting, memorable moments. It seems like it has a high skill ceiling, and it’s just unbelievably fun. The weapons are varied, with solid animations, and there’s a lot of them. On top of all that, a huge free update that other games would have called a $10 DLC!

    It needs a bit of copy-editing to make some of the in-game text look more professional, I have to say. I would gladly do it for them gratis if they want to send me the text files; my email is attached to this account. If you do read this, I am serious. Mail me and we’ll talk. I assume they’re too busy riding unicorns into rock concerts in their world of awesome to read the whingings of us lowly peasantry, though. God bless the devs, one of whom ought to work on punctuation.

    My favorite game out of the recent ones I’ve bought / been playing (FC3, PS2, MWO, XCOM) by far. I am supremely confident that I will be playing it a year from now, and two years, and longer if the updates keep a-comin’. Pour it on, I’m serious. Daddy wants a lance and a destrier, oh yeah. Let me buy crap from you and I probably will. I get to drinking on the weekends and I might spring for all sorts of fancy armor bits. Take my money, Torn Banner. TAKE MY MONEY.


    I really, really like Chivalry. I’ve been making my friends buy it. A friend of mine bought it for himself as his birthday present to me, and it was a fantastic present. Now he is of course addicted and he’s spreading it to other people. Just like Tunisia…

    I think that about sums up my initial impression. I’m around rank 15 and 30 hours in, so I feel like I have a grip on the basics, but I’m far from accomplished.

    Long live Agatha!

  • Hi all !

    Been playing since free weekend (which, btw, wasn’t the best representation of the game - but as soon as it was finished, things got much better), registered here just today …

    Anyway, Chivalry is, hands down, the best MP experience I’ve ever had. Period.
    Despite all the bugs and lack of polish, I’ve never had this much fun. Looking forward to future new content and improvements, and (hopefully) Chivalry staying a great title (as in: staying away from major publishers, as we all know what’d that do to the game).

    I have no idea why I didn’t jump on from the start, but oh well - got to go now, I have to make up all the lost time :D
    See you on the battlefield!

  • Little issues with server browser , apart from that game is great - best combat system ive seen so far in games.

  • I have to back up the sentiments above, best multiplayer game I’ve ever played. I am horribly addicted, even though I’m not very good. The game is hard but still playable by those without a high skill level.

    TB should be proud of themselves for creating something that is just so much fun, something that has been missing from lots of games in recent years. :)

  • I don’t really like multiplayer-only games.

    That said, it’s a real achievement for any multiplayer focused game to grab and hold my attention like Chivalry has. The game is focused, knows what it wants to do, has a rewarding progression in the weapon trees, and is incredibly fun to play, especially on Team Objective servers.

    FFA and Team Eliminiation/Deathmatch games are also fun, but they seem to me to be little bonuses around the meat of the game that is TO.

    I can’t wait to see the further content released in both paid DLC and free content patches in the upcoming months.

  • Polehammer is really boring, it’s just a slower halberd

  • My first impressions are, I want a refund. I have a very beefy rig. And its like im playing this game with 128mb of ram. Every time I walk forward i lag 5 feet ahead. Then when I lag all the way across the screen and meet someone in battle, im swinging like crazy because Im bouncing all over the place. Seems like Im def not the only one with this issue. WTF!

  • I got the game working, and I must say I love it. Blocking is so satisfying that I’ll often go passive in duels and just have fun blocking everything for a minute or two!

  • overall i loved playing the game but i notice there are stuff that still need to be worked on i have noted on the forum that there is a major issue with the stamina bar not been used correctly at all is the major issue i have with this game. While playing i run into every class that has 0 stamina left and still able to complete a 3 swing combo at me there should be some kind of penalty for just random swings and missing constantly some examples on the post i posted are like making the screen dark so the person cant see properly or decreasing the accuracy of swings when stamina is at 0 is just some of the idea’s that me and others on the forum have com up with w.e you guys do the major issue i see is the stamina bar not been used correctly.

  • i love it, its tons of fun and the mechanics are great, the combat system works great and is fun even if you get your head sliced off. i think we should be able to make our own tab bard for FFA / duel. but that’s just hoping :P over all the visual quality and aesthetic is perfect its grim and realistic. and i recommend it to everyone! there are some issues with lag when the number of players in the game is about 17 or higher. i’m sure that will be worked out in time.

  • It’s one of my favorite multiplayer games by far and am a avid PC gamer. Rank 32. Good work fellas.
    DLC Samurai mod could be fun too. I would pay for that.

  • I love the style and the weaponry that is in the game. Plus, you can play with other human players and not just bots. I must say that this game is a winner without a doubt.

  • More fun playing this game than supposably triple A titles by big name publishers.

  • If feint was removed from this game and kick was nerfed, this game would be perfect. Other than that it’s really bland to play.

  • @brewergamer:

    If feint was removed from this game and kick was nerfed, this game would be perfect. Other than that it’s really bland to play.

    Good lord…

    I’m facepalming this hard.

  • @Slaughtervomit:


    If feint was removed from this game and kick was nerfed, this game would be perfect. Other than that it’s really bland to play.

    Good lord…

    I’m facepalming this hard.

    Agree on feints (strong nerf is also OK), but kick? :o

  • My initial impressions after buying this game were that it was just plain awesome, with head-choppin’, limb-loppin’ action, and that it definitely tops all first person games out there. Every single one. No doubt.

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