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  • overall i loved playing the game but i notice there are stuff that still need to be worked on i have noted on the forum that there is a major issue with the stamina bar not been used correctly at all is the major issue i have with this game. While playing i run into every class that has 0 stamina left and still able to complete a 3 swing combo at me there should be some kind of penalty for just random swings and missing constantly some examples on the post i posted are like making the screen dark so the person cant see properly or decreasing the accuracy of swings when stamina is at 0 is just some of the idea’s that me and others on the forum have com up with w.e you guys do the major issue i see is the stamina bar not been used correctly.

  • i love it, its tons of fun and the mechanics are great, the combat system works great and is fun even if you get your head sliced off. i think we should be able to make our own tab bard for FFA / duel. but that’s just hoping :P over all the visual quality and aesthetic is perfect its grim and realistic. and i recommend it to everyone! there are some issues with lag when the number of players in the game is about 17 or higher. i’m sure that will be worked out in time.

  • It’s one of my favorite multiplayer games by far and am a avid PC gamer. Rank 32. Good work fellas.
    DLC Samurai mod could be fun too. I would pay for that.

  • I love the style and the weaponry that is in the game. Plus, you can play with other human players and not just bots. I must say that this game is a winner without a doubt.

  • More fun playing this game than supposably triple A titles by big name publishers.

  • If feint was removed from this game and kick was nerfed, this game would be perfect. Other than that it’s really bland to play.

  • @brewergamer:

    If feint was removed from this game and kick was nerfed, this game would be perfect. Other than that it’s really bland to play.

    Good lord…

    I’m facepalming this hard.

  • @Slaughtervomit:


    If feint was removed from this game and kick was nerfed, this game would be perfect. Other than that it’s really bland to play.

    Good lord…

    I’m facepalming this hard.

    Agree on feints (strong nerf is also OK), but kick? :o

  • My initial impressions after buying this game were that it was just plain awesome, with head-choppin’, limb-loppin’ action, and that it definitely tops all first person games out there. Every single one. No doubt.

  • My first imppresions were… sweet!, I die alot but when i get to kill somebody with a sword it’s awesome. Keep playing and the game really grows on you. Gonna have to put some time and effort in learning how to master this game folks.

  • Swordplay is so realistic. It’s not like waving your sword randomly. You have to learn when and how to do that. More clicks not equal to more damage.
    Throwing knifes and axes are really cool but we really have too few ammo.
    But i’ve dedicated my little finger to running after spawn. It is really annoying.
    At first two days it was so hard. I died too many times before learing how to kill, btw i’m still not a good player but i loved game.
    Unlocking weapons was a mystery, just exploring them.
    Also ranking is still waiting to be explored, maybe i’m so noob about that.

  • Initial impression: this game doesn’t work.

  • I’m on 130 hrs playing so this isnt initial impression. So far so good, a few flaws here and there. I prefer Archer due to the fact i played sniper on my esl teams in cod4. I cant stand the spear! The game runs smoothly besides when updates take place. I plan on playing this game until I get sick of it, lets just hope its longer than i keep girlfriends lol

  • heres a wee video on how to play well and get good kill streaks :) watch my video and you’ll see what I mean

  • Hello, I am new to Chivalry but I just want to say how awesome I think this game is. I’ve played Warband, Dark Messiah, Skyrim, Mortal Online and many other medieval combat games and I think Chivalry combat is by far the best experience I’ve had.

    I only hope Chivalry grows with more customisation, more maps, more game modes and more players because it really deserves it.

    I wish there was a persistent world MMO with this awesome combat.

    Thank you for creating this great game.

    I wish ping wasn’t such an issue but that has nothing to do with Chivalry, it’s just how internet work :/

  • I just picked up the game this morning, and I registered to this forum to say: This game is an absolute blast! I admit that I currently suck at it, but it’s so much fun that I don’t mind at all. First-person melee combat is always tricky to get right, and I’d say you guys passed with flying colors. I’ve paid 60 bucks for multiplayer games that are nowhere near as satisfying as this, so I feel that 25 bucks for the game was money well spent.

    The weapons feel effective and satisfying, the sound effects are amazing, and the controls feel spot-on. All that I can really ask for (aside from the usual extra maps and weapons) is a few more ways to customize your character’s appearance. I’m a sucker for those kinds of systems. But anyway…

    To any Torn Banner devs reading this: You guys are awesome, and so is your game. Your commitment to making the game even better is remarkable. Keep up the great work!

  • To all of those just new: Don’t let the trolls get to you.

    There will be teamkillers, grievers, people using the N-word and all kinds of malarky.
    This is the inevitable result of people growing up on 4chan and not caring what they do, because hey, online.

    They eventually die out or get voted off, though, so don’t worry and stick with it and you’ll get a great game experience from it.

    Oh, and, uh, please: Practice and learn what to do for game modes like TO, first. :P
    Nothing worse than 80% of a team that doesn’t do anything to help the objective.


    P.S. If someone shouts “kick xxx, he is using speed/reach/something hacks” and the guy mentioned is rank 30-50+, then it is likely someone just being hurt that they can’t play as well as that guy, and nothing to do with a hack. Don’t fall for it and don’t vote yes on low ranks accusing high ranks of doing stuff you didn’t see for yourself.

  • @Dan:

    I admit that I currently suck at it, but it’s so much fun that I don’t mind at all.

    Welcome Dan!
    That’s how we all start off my friend :D
    But with a little bit of the ol Improvise, adapt, overcome (and maybe some practice) you will be dominating in no time.

  • In an FPS Shooter I get around a 1.5-2.0 K/D ratio and when I first started playing this I would be lucky to get one kill. Although my first kill was fantastic as I fainted my enemy and chopped his head off. The kills feel epic whenever I get one. I hope to get better but as of right now I suck pretty bad. Great game and I feel I will be playing for a long time.

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