The problem with the server

  • I downloaded the server was launched, it is visible to the incentive a local network, but can not see it in the game in search of servers … what should be done so that it could be seen, and other people can go?

  • I still can not add bots to the server

  • ‘AddBots’ : bad or missing property ‘Num’

  • @Ninja:

    ‘AddBots’ : bad or missing property ‘Num’

    In a local game, use addbots x (where x is the number of bots you want to add). In a server, log in as an administrator and use admin addbots x.

    As for connecting to your server, can you connect to it if you type open IP:PORT (replacing the ip/port with the correct server IP) in the in-game console?

  • It is a known issue at the moment that this game only displays the first 240 servers with the quickest connections. Any other servers will not show up but you can still connect to them with the console command : open IPAddress:port. I spoke to a dev yesterday and he said it is on their list of priorities so hopefully we should see results soon.

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