Polearm Overhead

  • when i overhead with bardiche its nice, but this is the thing. I use fps, when i go from looking forward to winging down that should give me a faster swing. BUT when people use third person and just look down all the time that should not give them a faster swing.

    The swing should be as the game is meant to be played a faster swing when you go from looking forward to down only. If this is already the case ignore this.


  • It doesnt you have to drag your mouse.

  • Guts I believe what is happening in the example your describe is that by looking down the connecting point of the overhead swing is placed closer to the immediate front of the character. Furthermore the bardiche gives the impression of having a much closer hit connection setting than other weapons types. Although I suspect the billhook could also function in a similar way. I think you raise a good point in that issues relating to near instant overheads should also take into account differences with hit connection dimensions.

  • I kind of don’t understand what you are saying. If you look down and overhead, it will connect faster, yes.

  • He is talking about how some people will use 3rd person and stare at the ground the whole time, using the overhead. This causes the swing to start where it is almost in your hitbox, and makes blocking it ridiculously hard.

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