Health bar in numbers

  • Title says it all. I suggest putting just a precise number of your current HP next to your health bar. You´re surely asking: Why? What would it be good for?

    The answer is a bit subjective for it will depend on you whether you´ll use it or not. Personally I would use the info for making a quick math in my head:

    If I have 35 HP and I see a weapon in my opponent´s hands which stats I am familiar with I´ll be able to find out how many hits can I take etc.

    Discuss it and let us know If it´s something that you´d be interested in or if you find it useless! :)

  • Pointless when you die in two or three hits.



    This is not a MMORPG.

  • I can see where you are coming from but still feel less is more; as with every HUD improvement suggestion to date.

  • There are a lot a variables to process for just a tid bit of information. You need to account for weapon damage, weapon swing type, and localized damage. Even if you could estimate all that on the fly, the prerogative of Chivalry is to not get hit.

    As other mentioned, you only need to know you can take 2 or 3 hits before dying, and that can be accomplished without numbers. If you take a hit, and it takes a third of your health, then you can withstand 2 more similar hits until you die. You can already make all those mental projections without using numbers.

    Also, I don’t like pulling the realism card in a video game, but your state of health isn’t numerical.

  • As someone who spends his time poring over numbers and excels at memorizing The Spreadsheet, I would love this. Especially when you factor in health regen (which messes with HTK).

    This is best implemented in the form of an optional toggle that defaults to off. That way, no ones toes are stepped on.

  • @elitenoob:

    Pointless when you die in two or three hits.



    This is not a MMORPG.

    A small number inside or next to the health bar is too much!!! :rage:

    Because only MMORPG’s have life bars using numbers… :roll:

    Make it optional and it doesn’t affect people who don’t want it. :)

  • Native support for this is unnecessary IMO. I’m sure that when the game gets mod support, something like this will come out.

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