[WEP] Spear Tips (video)

  • I made this video for my TOG teammates, but thought I’d share it here too.


  • This guide is so good I want you to do more :-)

  • Fantastic Guide - thanks!

  • What I learnt from this video…

    damn you are good at parrying.

  • Great work Pugs. I appear a number of times in this video, mainly as spear fodder (although that’s also me at 8:26 and 9:05).

    Yeah, more please.

  • Thanks dude that was very helpful.

  • Really good vid, I came to the same conclusions while playing the spear. He pretty much said all that needs to be said, but I do have some additional tips when fighting a shield.

    Generally very frustrating, keeping them at a distance and hoping for a bad move on their side is a fair bet, but when playing decent players that’s not gonna happen a lot. They will move up close to you and wait patiently for you to hit them (while their in your face) on their shield so that they can counterattack without you being able to do anything.
    You have two choices, when you get the feeling he’s in defense mode: Either rush him and kick him or wait for him to come close enough and kick him followed by an immediate overhead stab in the face. After that try to side step and evade his following attack to hit him in the back or back up and parry and do your usual routine to finish him off, since people tend to get aggressive when kick combod which is always a good thing.
    It’s far from a save bet, but I’ve found that continuously stabbing against the shield just ends up getting you killed, mostly because it stretches the fight out and some fiend comes from behind and cuts your head off.

  • Hey Pug

    I think this video is very well done first off so let me say that.

    As an avid user of the spear, i’ve used it since day 1 of owning the game, have dueled hundreds if not thousands of times with it, also played the other game modes and even throw it in competitive matches where it calls for it and i feel i can use it well.

    I would LOVE to make a follow-up video to this showing even more advanced tactics, if you would like to get together and do a follow-up video showing more things, i’m sure we can enlighten these folks on some further tactics involving the spear. I haven’t really done one yet as far as dueling goes, i did a simple text based video before i knew how to edit very well… and it was mostly team based support-role kind of spear.

    I’d like to go over different playstyles, whether you are offensive or defensive, finding the right mix of the two, and showing some other tactics i’ve learned from playing the spear. One of the main reasons i HAVEN’T done this is the changes that are upcoming, but for now, without the feint changes i feel we can add to this tutorial a lot.

    I put a lot of focus in playing against shield users and man-at-arms which are your main struggles when playing with a spear. Against shields, really running around and circle-strafing an opponent while winding up does wonders to get around shields. I didn’t see you going over kicks that much which def helps a bit against the shields (despite that bug). And also, feinting a thrust attack into an overhand, but jumping at the last moment will allow you to attack over the shield and hit your opponents in the top of the head.

    Against man at arms, i’d like to go over things like how defensive feints work. And also using feints defensively just to keep your opponent on their toes, and keep your range. You don’t always need to attack simply to keep range, you can also feint attacks to make them THINK you are going to attack so they keep back or back off if they are closing in. Feints also help against man at arms that are heavy on the dodge tactics, throwing a feint out there will cause them to dodge, you can follow them and finish with an attack of your own.

    In addition to that, i would also like to go over movement tactics as you have displayed but didn’t talk a lot about, like moving out of the way of overhands and pokes. Being able to duck slashes and counter attack… and also doing the “limbo lean”. Basically the limbo lean is looking up to get your character to lean back… this is useful when you are going against other vanguards, or attacks that would typically hit you JUST with the end of the weapons range, in this scenario, you can dodge the last part of the attack (if you know the ranges well) and lean back whilst starting an attack of your own, they miss, and you hit yours… very effective if you do this correctly and it adds even more range do your defensive stance and allows you to counter and go on the offensive.

    I’d also like to go over a bit with the slash. Now you stated it’s the attack that doesn’t do a lot of damage and granted it doesn’t. However, it’s also the spears fastest attack, it can be very useful against shield users, or even parries whilst also using your range. You mention footwork which is key, like moving towards your opponent, then backing off at the last second. I feel the useful version of the slash is to do this, but landing your attack to cause them to A.)block with shield, or B.) parry. BUT, right after you hear or know you are going to hit the block or parry, you immediately back off to keep the range, and throw a slash. This attack should in most cases hit first because you are keeping the range, and it is very fast and most do not expect it after your original attack and them parrying and blocking … they assume it’s their turn to attack and you punish them for it.

    We can also go over more dragging with the spear, you do it a lot in your video actually but there are more ways you can drag the spear to be effective with it. You can actually speed up or slow down how the poke hits depending on how you drag… and you can still do lookdown overhands with the spear to make that hit much faster than normal.

    I dont know if i’ve included all that i want to add… but trust me there is much more that can be done. You’ve done a great job on this video covering a lot of tactics, but i think we should do a follow up video to show even more tactics and more advanced strategies i’ve learned from playing the spear. Get a hold of me on steam, we can find some free time, and even record from both perspectives. Lmk what you think!

  • Please, Please, Please make that video.

  • One of the main reasons i HAVEN’T done this is the changes that are upcoming, but for now, without the feint changes i feel we can add to this tutorial a lot.

    What changes to the spear are upcoming Mr Bigsby?

  • not really sure, it’s more of changes to mechanics like feints that are coming. The release times are adjusted now in the beta… but all the weapons are likely to experience some changes and balance in the next patch. Suggestions have been made about the spear, but not sure what changes would be made to spear, maybe more range or speed or something, i think it’s fine as it is, more people prefer the haliberd, but the spear is still powerful due to having just a very SLIGHT range advantage, which is very important with polearms

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