PC under-performing when it shouldn't.

  • Made a thread since it seems no one replies in the performance/fps lag sticky thread

    Just got a Nvidia GTX 470, overclocked as well. But i can’t seem to play this game without getting constant fps drops from 90-120 to 10-30. It’s impossible to enjoy this game with horrible fps, so i’ve been trying to figure out what the hell is going on. I used cpu-z to check if my cpu scales down when the fps lag hits, and it does. my cpu core speed drops to an incredible 1000-1300mhz. I have a pretty darn good cpu as you can read in the dxdiag. So i just want to know what is going on, any help welcome.

    Note: in the screenshot i may be playing on citadel, one of the most graphically demanding maps in the game, but my fps lag happens in Every map. So, it’s not just citadel.

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