Combo into Kick

  • In the usual whining threads in Balance and Suggestion. An interesting idea was put forth…


    …make feint->kick a combo. That should break defensive players without all the wobbly sword nonsense, and it would look badass.

    That’s… actually… an… interesting… idea

    Combo into Kick?
    We’d have to remove the free damage of the kick if combo’d in to. It would still cost a decent stam drain but buy you that advantage of launching another assault.
    You are costing your self the possibility of damage (for not continuing combo into attack) and stamina drain, for a reset into an advantageous position - but not guaranteed outcome.

    Very interesting indeed?

    Further edited note.
    It would open up many tactical options (for appropriate cost of stam). You are fighting a knight and get your first hit on him but enemy reinforcements are approaching to interrupt, so, you combo into kick (costing yourself stam drain for no damage) and reset your position to address the change of variables.

    Or… you could hit Knight1 with the attack and combo a KICK onto ENEMY2, throwing him off (for no damage).
    This would open up another pathway to handle 2v1 fights. You are not doing damage and costing your self very useful stamina… to reset the situation or buy yourself some time.

  • I wouldn’t mind this idea. It takes out the time when your standing Doing nothing trying to kick.

  • Sounds good on paper, would not work that well in reality since kick is very short ranged and you have to stand still. It is hard to get a non combo kick in, a combo kick would be REALLY hard, since you have to “launch” your kick in your release phase and thus delay your kick even more. Also your your opponent is most likely knocked back by your attack.

  • wait couldnt u already do this?

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