Can't connect to brazilian servers

  • I simply cannot connect to any brazilian servers ( not just the coldfire ones) and because of that i can’t play the game i paid for, long story short: money wasted. Sometimes i can find a server from Argentina or Chile to play on, but normally they’re empty or are with a very low amount of players. The ping in north american servers are too high for me to play it.
    Every time i try to connect i get the infinite loop of " please wait while the game loads".

    I think i tried everything that i found in similar topics in this forum, but none seems to work.
    If anyone could give me some help, i’d appreciate it. This game is a lot of fun, but not being able to play it is stressful.
    Also, i think if we had official servers in south america, this wouldn’t be a problem.


  • Could i at least get a reply?

  • Sure no problem

  • @VisionedOne:

    Could i at least get a reply?

    What is the make and model of the modem you are using?

    Certain brands have an issue with connecting to certain games, specifically Unreal Engine games among others.

    Before you tell me what modem you have and before I forget I posted in this thread and never come back, check this:


    ^ This is to fix issues with Thompson & BT Modems/Routers where you disconnect shortly after connecting, but can fix a few other issues due to this protocol the modem uses, and might even fix your issue of hanging at the connecting screen.

    Read through… especially the link within the post which goes into much more detail, and follow the YouTube Video’s instructions.

    If you do not have one of these modems, then perhaps someone else has a solution for you.

    Find out what modem model you have and then search online for issues with that modem connecting to online games… someone somewhere will have some sort of solution specific to your modem, as I bet it has more to do with the modem than the game itself.

  • Me neither… i cannot connect on brazilian servers but can connect to the other ones and play with a ping up to 400…

    My router is a Linksys E3000

  • i have the same issue but i dont think i have problems with my router since i can play others games… and the this game is the only 1 that isnt working

  • i noticed that br servers aren’t the only ones i can’t join…

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