Throwing headshots not killing? lol

  • So a spear and or throwing axe directly into the face not even helmet is not insta killing for some reason? I’m guessing that’s a bug.

  • Throwing axes are not meant to be that strong. I’m unsure if javelins one shot knights with a headshot, but any other class they should. Later you’ll be able to unlock Heavy Javelins which will definitely kill anyone with a headshot.

  • It was just super silly seing my Javelin half way through someones face/head.

    If a Javelin goes through a head, it should insta kill without question heavy or not.

  • The game is being made with the underlying assumption that balance trumps realism.

  • Perhaps have it “glance off” the person instead of impale any time it would not be instant kill. Then we can have balance without the silliness of a guy running around with a spear through his head.

    I do fully agree that balance needs to trump realism but little things like the above can go a long way to making it feel balanced and realistic.

  • I like that idea. Plus then you can go pick up the javelin again :)

  • Yes that would be ideal…

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