Lag + late blocking = not working.

  • I think that players are are lagging are causing all the trouble with blocking. Most player I think are blocking early and wont see a bug but if you watch a player closely to see if there going to faint and block at the last second like I do you will see this bug.

    You need to find a player with high ping. (In my case the player was 150ms+) By the time there mid swing and you block late its to late. If you block early (guessing if there just going to attack and not faint) then it works.

    If a player is lagging 200ms and they attack you lose 1/5 of a second when you can block at the latest it seems. If they were 500ms it may be 1/2 a second.

    I feel like the anti lag conditions are working too good in this case and should be capped at 100ms (1/10th of a delay on blocking at best). I have also seen a situation where I have blocked before the player swings and it blocks before the player animates. In that case they had a low ping like me (30 to 60ms)

    This is all guess work because I don’t know how the current code really works.

  • It only really starts to happen with people over 150 ping. I’m a late blocker just in case they do a feint with a fast weapon. As it still blocks. But if they have high ping they usually hit me still.

    They can’t do anything about that. Server admins need to set auto ping kicks. Or the players decide if they want this person with a high ping gone or not.

  • I do agree this would be a hard bug to fix. That is why I feel anti lag should start making players over 100ms to do something so there animations line up properly on the server.

    Right now its better to lag witch is broken.

  • I find it quite easy to notice (what OP described) when the attacker has a ping above roughly 70-80.
    Above that, it’s just very obvious.

  • I think the OP may be right.
    Last few days I tried different servers and I encounter the parry problems mainly on the official ones which tend to be PLAGUED with lag and random lagspikes. I even have a suspicion there might be some problem with Vanguard Leap Attack - I always experience a very short lagspike when I perform it or when somebody performs it near me (regardless of the ping, mind you!!!). Today I finally managed to get answers from other players on a certain server and they confirmed it’s the same with them. If the lagspikes are serverwide, it may be one of the sources.

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