• If it has been brought up or acknowledged I apologize in advance.

    It would be nice on objectives that if the cart is actively being pushed, the pyre flaming, a ram actively being hit, or a trebuchet being taken that the round wouldn’t end until the enemy stopped the advance.

    There have been times that a team fall on hard times and get it together and just about to win/pass the objective for the timer to run out. This would make for intense games or if anything a small second chance for the team that are more or less the underdogs.

  • I’d like to see at the end of the round, instead of just ending on the flat time limit, allowing the attacking team to keep going until their team is dead. Of course this could open up a lot of trolling in non competitive play. Maybe give the team a minute or two extra at the end with no respawns

  • Both the ideas of overtime for ongoing progress and the notion of “overtime until whole team is dead” have been suggested. I’m too lazy to find the thread, but check page 2-4 of the Ideas and Suggestions board, it’s bound to be there.

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