More knockback for the kick

  • The devs introduced a pretty reliable way of dealing with shield users since you now are dazed when kicked with your shield up. I like the idea behind it but something reaaaaaally stinks around here. Personally, I don´t really see a reason why Chivalry should favor the offense that much.

    My idea:

    _1) Keep the same timing for the daze and the kick

    1. The player gets knocked back A LOT more (2-3 times the current distance) while still being dazed

    And this is the result:
    Kick won´t help you that much in duels, you´ll be more likely to kick people off bridges and cliffs and since the player will be so far from you you won´t be able to get a free hit on him. The kick would then become a truly team based mechanic. A player would kick a shield user and his teammates would rush to him and finish him off. Simple.

  • I think when you get kicked with a shield up, a huge marker should appear over your head that says, _“FREE HIT RIGHT HERE.” _and then you explode. Into a million pieces. 8-)

  • Imagine the last person on a LTS team getting kicked around like a ball by the other team. :o

  • My team would be so happy with me as Mason in the second stage of TO_hillside.>:D

  • The daze would mean nothing if they get stunned so far away. Offensive play should always be rewarded over defensive play because this game is about bloody kills, not hiding behind shields.

  • Games should favor offensive play. Why? Offensive play is more fun to watch, more fun to play, and has a more reliable finish time. Defensive game metas are boring to play and watch.

    I also use a shield. It’s my safety blanket as a squishy MAA.

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