Battle Stance (or slower to weapon default position)

  • Right now, some weapons idle positions are like striking when you strike then feint, the weapon goes to the default rest position as if it’s striking.

    I see two ways to resolve this.

    A) Implement a Battle Stance that once in combat your weapon never goes to the default position, but is raised so no overheads/slashs/stabs that are feinted dramatically goes down to rest position, looking like a real strike.

    B) Slow down the speed and animation that allows the weapon to go back to default rest position, for example when you overhead attack then feint it, the weapon is x2 slower to go back to rest position, so it’s raised to the maximum.

    With these additions, it will remove a lot of the guessing that happens with weapons looking like real strikes. when someone with a weapon overheads then feints then stabs, it just looks like a real overhead.

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