1 handed weapons

  • I don’t agree with the slowing down suggestion and I didn’t want to go off-topic over there so I felt it was best to divide the topic, because some people will disagree with the OP and not properly understand my argument.

    I’m not asking for a nerf, just simply back to the way it was!

    After the patch, pretty much all one handed weapons are going through my parries and or shield. I literally have to turn full 90 degrees just to fully parry a left or right slash. They’re like hooks or something. I see the weapon, I parry it (on my screen) and still it passes my parry. The idea is literally you have to point your parry at the exact spot the weapon lands the hit. Combine this with people dragging weapons around parries and shields, this becomes silly.

    Overheads also need to be adjusted to slightly 90 degrees and nearly 90 degrees up. Also any slight error in calculation on whether it’s an overhead or swing or whether the weapon is coming in from an angle and it just ignores the parry / shield completely. Some of these weapons have no obvious difference in animation and combine these with dragging, put some feints in there and one handed weapons are broken.

    Here’s a suggestion about slowing down the animation after a feint:

    Here’s a suggestion to buff parries to counter the effectiveness of feinting:

    Maybe this is a personal problem for me. I’m playing with 110 FOV and even though I see it on my screen, maybe it’s just not being parried on the spot I visually see it hit…

  • I feel the absolute same brother.
    Beta, back then, felt A LOT more stable and fun to me. This here is just frustating. People didnt know much of feint (and I think it was a bit different) and 1h werent this “hit easy”
    90 degree is horrible bullshit. Pretty much any 1h can do it easily. Thats absolute idiotic, as they are incredible fast, best weapons to spam feint and deal the same amount of damage like any long ranged (except the hammer). The only 1h I would allow this ability is our worst 1h, the flail. Really I could understand if they get that 90 degree thing as it is pretty useless combined with that stupid shield.

    And about the feinting… Right now, I feel like gambling in EVERY duel I get into with a “good” ranked person. One of us feints (works best right before release), the other fells for it, hit. I really want a rework on this , as this isnt competitive at all… Just pure gambling, RNG. Chops off animations after combos which makes me ever more confused, thats stupid as fuck.

    Also, this button queue or input delay or whatever to call it is also horrible

  • I generally use 2h weapons and i disagree with changing 1h weapons also.
    I suggested a solution here:
    Having considered my suggestion to solve the ‘1h weapon issue’ i can see that reducing the time after parry to counter feints would only widen the gap between 1h and 2h weapons

    PS OP i use first person view at 83 FOV (my screen is a widescreen) and i generally don’t have any problem blocking or parrying 1h weapons. The increased difficulty comes from people being able to pick which side a swing or overhead comes from. I’ve suggesting that you should be able to block with a shield on your left and parry with a 1h weapon on your right to counter this difficulty as that would only be fair.

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