Server showing as full when it isn't

  • Hello, I am noticing a consistent issue with my server and was wondering if anyone else has run into this or if there are any known fixes. I am having the server hosted for me, so I’m not sure if it could have something to do with the hosting service but it seems unlikely. Every day when I go to join my server it will show that there are players in game, sometimes showing full… when I manage to get in to the game there will either be no players at all or very few when it is showing an almost full server. I noticed that when I go to the steam server list and view the players in game the people it is showing are all people that have been recently kicked from the server. I know it’s not just from my home connection because other people are having the same issue with my server and it is fixed immediately after a reboot. Anyone have a suggestion as to what might be going on?


  • Players that left but still show up on the browser list.

    The alternate browser removes players that have been there more than 3 hours


    Apparently its one of the upcoming fixes in the next patch.

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