Here are some numbers.

  • Today I’ve done some research on the actual amount of servers. The players they show trough the serverlist, and how many are actually playing.

    I’ve refreshed the server list on a totally open filter. I counted empty servers, full servers(based on the serverlist), no map restriction, all ranks counted.

    Total servers showed up: 205
    Servers with players in them: 100
    Full servers based on the list: 70
    25 % 50% or 75 % full based on the list: 30

    Servers can hold different amount of players so here’s the amount of players the server shows:
    1 full 64 man server
    1 full 40 man server
    8 full 32 man servers (total 256)
    1 full 28 man server
    1 full 26 man server
    25 full 24 man servers (total 600)
    1 full 22 man server
    4 full 20 man servers (total 80)
    7 full 16 man servers (total 112)
    6 full 12 man servers (total 72)
    1 full 11 man server.
    3 full 10 man servers (total 30)
    10 full 8 man servers (total 80)
    202 man in total of servers that are not full.
    Total: 1623 players playing over 100 servers.

    This is information that the server browser shows. Now with the current numbers I want to show you what the current and actual numbers are. The way I do this is using common sence at right clicking on a server then show the player list. And if I see people that have been their for more then 5+ hours I consider it not to be actual, cause there might be some individuals that play a long time on a server but that is never relevant to the whole picture. And I think judging +5 hours is even to high because the majority of people are server hopping just to find their right map or the right moment to jump in and that means they are never that long in a server anyway.
    So basically i’m gonna show a list of numbers that displays server with the actual amount of people on and how much that is different from the server browser numbers.

    Actual players based on activity in the server less then 5 hours
    29 actual players on the 60 man server.
    10 actual players on the 40 man server.
    196 actual players on 8 different 32 man servers.
    26 actual players on the 28 man server.
    29??? actual players on the 26 man server.
    420 actual players on 25 different 24 man servers.
    18 actual players on the 22 man server.
    73 actual players on 4 different 20 man servers.
    61 actual players on 7 different 16 man servers.
    49 actual players on 6 different 12 man servers.
    7 actual players on the 11 man server.**
    23 actual players on 3 different 10 man servers.**
    55 actual players on 10 different 8 man servers.
    316 actual players over all the servers that weren’t full.(the playerbase increased during investigating the serverlist which is normal due to increase of players at nights
    Total of: 1312 actual players playing the game.

    **= had records of players with over 100 hours on the server (never updated)

    What I am hoping to achieve by showing these numbers based on counting every single server by hand is to have the devs take notice of the server browser still not functioning. It’s missing over 300 players difference on the server browser and the actual playercount.
    I still think the actual playerlist is way to high because I took in notice that people have been servers up until 5 hours, but what i think that the average user plays 1 hour, or 1.30 hour till they move out of the game. I still had to use some sort of boarder to work with and I think 5 hours was reasonable because some people do like the game that they play that much still I think the majority of the players don’t play that long.
    What I am also hoping to achieve is that potential clans or people that are going to buy a server take note in what server count is the most activity. For example: in my server stats I counted 25x 24 man servers being full (which should hold 600 members, but the actual playercount showed 420), still this is by far the most popular server count I could find.

    What I find highly critical is that more then the half of the server list is not being used by the player.
    With a total of 205 servers that showed up, only 100 were players on and only 70 were full and 30 had lesser players, based on the actual player count per server, none of the 100 active servers had a full server in it. All the 100 servers had either lesser players, or absolutely no players at all but still showing a full server, which to me is a big problem because people trying to use the server browser are decieved by the numbers and the full potential of having servers is not being used by these errors in numbers.
    Hopefully the rest of the 105 servers that were totally empty will have players soon because I think lots of these 105 servers(with many customers having multiple servers) will stop to support your game. Maybe this is not troublesome because it’s a large number but what if the playercount increases, and the servers drop?

    I hope these facts and questions will unfold a normal debate on what to do for the future of this game because multiple problems will arise if nothing is being done about the wrong display of numbers. Having to many servers, and all the servers are not being used like they should to.

  • So there are two problems.

    1. Number of servers returned.
    2. Ghost players appearing on servers.

    The second problem of ghost players is supposed to be fixed on the next patch.

    The alternate browser viewtopic.php?f=69&t=10664 already weeds those players that have been on the server more than 3 hours so the player counts are more accurate.

    The number of servers returned on the alternate browser is a little finicky. Often it returns 231 but sometimes more - up to 602. I suspect its not the code but the steam configuration, though why it is not consistent I cannot tell. It might be looking for a limited number of servers within a certain default ping range.

    Anyway I just ran the alt browser and it return 461 servers with 1559 players that have less than 3 hours on any particular server.

    When it returns 601 servers the number of players is close to what the steam statistics report.

    So the overall player base is healthy but sure there are more servers than players, which is good for peak times when the servers fill up for real.

  • server browser only displays the first 250 servers or so

  • Then the question is to current server owners what the reason is for having a server with such low population…

  • @sirmike:

    Then the question is to current server owners what the reason is for having a server with such low population…

    I am not sure I understand the point of your question. Some servers are dedicated to a group of friends, or a clan, or a localized timezone and region which will only be populated at certain times - maybe only on a specific weekend. Extra empty servers is not a problem, the total online population is much more important to a healthy community. The official servers likely went up with the free weekend to accommodate all the additional players.

    How is this an issue?

  • Server list not populating fully will be fixed in the next patch - fake player numbers should be fixed as well (finally), but it’s hard to test so we can’t totally confirm it yet.

  • Unfortunately hitting “Join Game” on steam will use the fake player count to determine whether the server is full or not, so more than half the time it will just give you an error message and refuse to let you in no matter how long you try or how long you wait, yet if you ask the friend what the server name and then join via the browser you’ll get in 99% of the time and find the server still has many open slots.

    Looking forward to the next patch, as it’s awkward to have to ask for the server name every time I wanna follow someone around. Makes me feel like a creepy stalker :P

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