Class diversity and objectives

  • Hello folks. I’m here to talk about how class diversity could be improved as far as objectives are concerned.

    On paper, class diversity is not necessary to achieve objectives, since none has to play a specific class to accomplish a precise objective. But on the battlefield, class diversity matters for you need support fire from archers, smoke pots to protect you from ranged damage, oil pots to deny an area and so on.

    I like this and I’d want to add some depth to it. I have a few ideas at the moment but I’ll update this post every time something interesting enough pops up.

    My first and basic idea about Knights is that they should be able to plant tower shields. At the moment only archers can do this hence we barely see it in team objective mode. I think it is a good mechanics and I’d like to see it more often.

    It would be good for delaying enemy arrivals. To avoid abuse it would only be possible to plant shields in soil and not stone (ie not within castles and alike) and carts, rams should crush shields. Also perhaps knights could be able to pick up shields even if they already carry one. They would be forced to walk with it, no weapon in hand, until they can plant it again. Or perhaps throw it away like any object. Obviously not like a throwing axe with damage done.

    About Flag Capture mode, I’d like to see every class but Vanguards gets slowed down while holding the flag. I’m thinking of 10% for Maa and archers, and 5% for Knights. I was also thinking Vanguards could be able to switch to their secondary while carrying the flag.

    Similarly, we could have class-based pushing speed for carts, rams etc. I’m unsure about this though. Just some food for thoughts.

    Now, a major idea. Lots of players have complained about the difficulty of attacking castles with ramparts and archers shooting from it, being therefore immune to melee. We are mainly talking about Stonehill and Citadel here, but what I propose could be applied to other maps too.

    I suggest the devs to implement a new type of ammunition for archers that are bolts or arrows with a rope attached to them. These projectiles would create ways to climb ramparts, thus making players able to reach those bloody archers. And on Citadel, also the ballista.

    Such ways would not be everywhere. Archers would have to aim for specific spots on enemy ramparts. When hitting them correctly, the climbing would be possible. I will say 2 spots on Stonehill (one at each rampart’s extremity) and around 4 on Citadel, just to give figures. Ropes could be destroyed by the enemy, with a couple of dagger hits, making fall climbing enemies and then hurting them in the process.

    Also the projectile should do damage so archers can still fire a few shots before pressing F10 to resupply different projectiles. Damage would need to be low, to make the thing an actual choice and not a go-to ammunition.

    This sounds like a lot of work so I don’t really expect it to be implemented. But it would be awesome.

    I highly encourage people to propose their own ideas and discuss mine. Do you think class diversity is already well balanced with hp/speed/weapon differences? Do you have a suggestion for Maa? Do you want Knights to be able to heartstab with their kite shields? Would you like Maa unable to achiveve objectives so these bastards are definitively useless? Go, I’m reading.

    Suggestion list.


    1- Can plant tower shields in the ground and pick them up, just as archers do.


    1- Are the only class that is not slowed down while holding the flag.


    1- Have access to specific ammunition: bolts or arrows with a rope attached to them. Thus they can hit particular points on enemy ramparts to create ways for players to climb onto the walls.

  • I’d rather have the ability to set up siege ladders a la Rome: Total War. Have the same mechanic as when carrying the flag, but at certain spots on the wall you can set up your ladder. I just think it would be too easy for the enemy to kick it down if he knows where it’s going to be planted and an enemy archer can easily shoot someone while they place it since they know exactly where the person is going.

    An alternative would be a permanently set up shortcut, if you can get to it. Mostly thinking about Citadel here, setting up a ladder on the side entries to skip right to the top/higher up on the wooden ramps that lead to the top of the wall if Agatha can successfully set up these shortcuts. Perhaps a mechanic similar to how the Pyre works, needs a set time to construct and has a set time to destroy, but current progress is kept if Mason doesn’t destroy it in one go.

  • Do different classes have different jump length? In that case it would be cool to have a map with a gap that only MAA could jump so they could access another route. Or perhaps ice that breaks if you walk on it being a class that is too heavy.

  • I too think that a map is required and the idea of the breaking ice is cool too.

  • I may have not read it properly, but why should knight be slowed down, and not Vanguard whilst carrying flag?

  • I would have no problem with not slowing down knights either. The purpose of proposing it for vanguards only is to make each class more unique.

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