Auto Strafing

  • So in the middle of playing a match, my guy started to automatically strafe for me. Without touching my keyboard my character strafes to the right. Holding down my key to strafe to the left cancels it out, allowing me to stand still, effectively making it impossible to strafe left and very weird when I want to strafe right.

    I did the standard “reload the game” with no improvements. I checked to make sure my keyboard’s fine and I would imagine the lack of “dddddddddddddddd” throughout this post is evidence that my keyboard is fine. I completely deleted the binding for strafing to the right and yet still, without a way to tell the game I wanted to strafe my guy found a way. I even double checked to make sure there wasn’t something weird in my UDKGame.ini and it looked fine so far as I could tell.

    I would also like to add that no only is the game always trying to strafe right, but the game also reads that I’m trying to scroll right on any menu selections as well. Any help with this issue would be appreciated.

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