Please fix PARRIES!

  • Parries are so OP… i strike people with my weapon, and they totally can just like… block all of my attacks. It’s seriously getting out of control and the developers at torn banner SERIOUSLY need to do something about this. I mean, especially classes with a lot of stamina, i mean they can just keep blocking. And then if they just regain stamina, omg they can just keep parrying and parrying. I suggest that we implement a system to where someone can only parry every 5 seconds or so. That way, I can at least get a couple strikes in while he’s down. But a good parry-er is totally OP right now and breaking the game. It’s almost like hacks right now and good parriers just cannot be defeated EVER. It makes the entire game imbalanced, and honestly they should just be taken completely out of the game.

  • Starting a new topic just to mock, really? If you can’t post constructively, don’t post at all.

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