Time for a "triple A" Soundtrack

  • Hey, don´t you think that it is time to Chivalry recieve a “triple A” Soundtrack?
    I imagine a soundtrack mixing Metal and minor harmonic arpeggios (like “Dynasty Warriors”, and “Prince of Persia: Warrior Within”) with a gothic dark rue created by well placed heavy drum markers and long stereo reverb on some pads to create the epic sensation of running on a battlefield. On combat tracks, core distortion to release fury on a 162-180bbm beat will make poetry with the mess created by a Zweihänder swing.

    Yes I am a Zweihänder fan.
    And I create music for movies… thats why I feel that gap during my Chivalry hours.
    You can find some of my soundtracks on gearcrack.com, or http://www.facebook.com/gearcrack (actualy, most of the recent tracks that you will find there will be cyberpunk themed due a cyberpunk game that I am creating the soundtrack)

    Think about it Torn Banner.

  • To me, what I think it is missing in Chivalry soundtrack is Medieval style metal.

    Something like this would be cool.


  • Woah, that’s in War of the roses? that’s epic.

    Honestly, I love the chivalry soundtrack it’s something that everyone can listen to.
    I do however tend to mute it and play music quite similar to this^(added it to my list) about 60% of the time.
    I don’t think Chivalry will be getting new music anytime soon(I could be wrong) but what we can do is post music like this for everyone to listen to whilst they play. I know there are a few threads like it.

    Here’s one viewtopic.php?f=5&t=10638&hilit=Music+to+listen

  • @EricFong:

    To me, what I think it is missing in Chivalry soundtrack is Medieval style metal.

    Something like this would be cool.


    Wow that’s pretty badass.

    Just one track would be kinda out of place with the rest of the game though, maybe on a certain level or something? Or a set of levels.

    I do love Loin’s music with Chiv though, there was a thread where I posted some of my fave’s of his songs. Do get me pretty pumped for battle.

  • Chivalry’s soundtrack isn’t as good as I’d hoped for, but at least it fits. I’d be loathe to hear something like metal in the game; it sounds as unprofessional to me as it does unfitting.

    Of course, that’s just me. Apparently that’s what the kids like these days…

  • I don’t really like it when it is so obvious metal, it removes the suspension of disbelief. It is better when it is stealth modern music like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings (in some places).

  • Electric guitar, synths, and irregular time signatures would not suit the setting of this game. The developers aren’t including magical spells in the game because they’re going with an inauthentic realism; somehow I can’t imagine metal elements making it into the sound track.

    As a composer, you have to be careful not to muddle your own genre preference with the requirement of the project.

    I also really don’t want to be negative, but the way you described how you think the music should be directly applies to every track that I’ve listened to on your SoundCloud. This is especially with regard to the suggested tempo, stereo-reverbed pads, metal theme and being in harmonic minor. I believe what you’ve effectively done is said, “I think you should pay me to create music for this game”.

    The current music is for the most part functional. It could do with being recorded with greater variation in dynamics and tempo, and of course with live instruments. In particular, I believe this game would benefit from more use of the oboe and bassoon - both very silly instruments, in-keeping with the absurdity of the game. “Rise of the Discord” is a good track, if only it had more dynamical variation. “Waltz of War” is my favourite, it has your oboes/bassoons, and is understated - this is effective because it juxtaposes the gruesome violence on-screen.

    TL:DR - Music is fine/great, just needs to be properly recorded. No metal music please.

  • I agree with the above. I love my metal, but I loathe it in video games. Especially because it always sounds like stereotypical cheesy “metal” that you would hear on a tv show when a rebellious teenager turns on his stereo, and the subtitles would say “heavy music”. I hate hearing generic nu metal with cheesy riffs in games, it takes me out of the game and makes me think of a guy in a tie and suit saying “What do kids like? Heavy rock music, put that in”.
    Two exceptions- Doom and Killer Instinct Gold.

    I like the current soundtrack but it would be cool if it had live instruments. Most of the time I keep the in-game music off. Every now and then I’ll put on Pursuit of the Vikings while I’m burying my axe in heads. But I woudn’t like that to be the soundtrack.

  • Personally, I do not mind metal at all. As long as Medieval feel is added to it.(Like that War of the roses bloodlust)

    I’d love to hear something like this


  • Metal worked really well for two games: Painkiller and Serious Sam. I can’t think of any other games that benefited from it otherwise.

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