Two suggestions: Votekick and HUD

  • 1. Please make the Votekick HUD disappear after I’ve made my vote. There are players here who don’t work with very large screen resolutions, and it’s kind of a detriment to our field of vision. I understand if my vote is needed, but after I’ve voted, it’s silly that it still has to sit there and glare at me from my screen, blocking my view. I did my part, let me move on.

    2. The unfortunate effect of this game not having a HUD ( as wonderful as it is not to have a bunch of stuff obstructing my vision, as pointed out above ) is that it seems to be a common problem for people not to realize what team they’re on. Especially when people get teamswitched, they won’t realize it; they’ll just start attacking people on their team, and then somebody will probably votekick them for it.

    Maybe you could add a little team Crest in one of the corners of the screen, or keep a consistent ( and team-colored ) health bar somewhere? A better indication / reminder of what team the player is on would be preferable, because I honestly saw this problem pop up a lot in the past couple of days.

  • @lemonater47:


    I agree, it’d be dumb if people didn’t remember what team they were on since they chose their team at the beginning of a match, but it’s not being “retarded” if you get team-switched and you weren’t paying attention to the little text that warned you because you were in the middle of focusing on an actual fight with somebody. It’s a fairly common problem.

    And I’m not sure what games you’re talking about, because lots of games have little ways to remind you what team you’re on– like when everybody on your team has their name over their head, but the enemy team doesn’t. Or like in TF2, when the entire HUD is team-colored.

    That’s game design. It’s smart.

  • Once it happened to me that there was a clustermakelove very near the enemy spawn, I got killed, teamswitched and respawned. All in the course of about 0,25 a second. No need to tell that I had no idea anything happened and proceeded to massacre half my team swinging like a total idiot. They did not kick me but it wasn’t nice.

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