Stuck when kicking or jumping at opponent

  • … and just at random I get stuck inside opponents and cannot move backwards. This is detrimental when facing just about anybody, as everyone knows things are harder to block when they’re in your face.

    I cannot give a clear example of it happening, but the servers I frequent are all duel servers with 100 or less ping. So there shouldn’t be any discrepancy there. The stucking only lasts about 1-2 seconds, parting again after 1-2 blows, and it seems my opponents do not notice it. But 3 seconds of not being able to walk usually results in me getting killed.

  • I get this a lot as well, mostly because I jump into kicks quite often and if I am a bit too close when I kick the kick finishes in the air instead of hitting them, and I am then stuck for at least a couple seconds or until one of us hits/ blocks each other.

    I don’t see this being fixed at least anytime soon, as similar things happen like sliding on some ledges and walls when you hold forward into it and you don’t fall down. Might have something to do with them running into you and still holding forward at least when you first get stuck.

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