[Steam Group] The Stoneshill Silly Nannies

  • Hello! This is not a clan, but rather a Steam group. We’re looking for people who like to play around and have fun! Got any group activites you want to see happen? Join up and throw out a suggestion! Right now, we are doing a lot of “weapon vs weapon” battles like the slings vs fists and mauls vs mauls! The link is in my signature! Anyone wanting to have fun is welcome! :)

    Youtube Channel:

  • Any Required Rank, Good Ser Knight?

  • No restrictions just join up and have fun! Anyone is welcome in a clan, not in a clan, skilled, new, tall, short, whatever!

    The only thing is drama crap… Starting stupid drama stuff gets a kick… Drama isn’t fun. :P

  • Congratulations to Demonic Chocobo for becoming member of the month! Video spotlight should be up very soon as well as a short Q & A as well as some neat links! :)

    Also, check out this link for info about our upcoming event “Hammerfest” which will be happening in May!


  • Hooray for us, we just got a 13 slot server! Feel free to come in and have some fun! (based in Chicago, IL) Bring the fun!

    Don’t forget to sign up on your Steam group page (in my signature) to know about upcoming events, news, and take part in our chat and discussions!

    Also, be on the lookout for more Hammerfest news as it is announced! Maps, contenders, and promotional videos should be on the way!

  • Finally finished DemonicChocobo’s member of the month spotlight w/ video! Check out the post on our Steam page (link in my signature) and the video on our Youtube page (link in first post)

  • Couple of cool events coming up this weekend… Expect some video footage! :)

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