A question regarding the version of the UE3 being used.

  • Hello.

    I’d like to know, if you can tell anything about the matter that is, what version of the unreal engine 3 the game will use? Is it the common one with DX9, or the rare one with DX10?

    I would love to see the game in all it’s glory in the DX10 version, because without it, you can’t enable anti aliasing in the game.

    I will however, surely buy the game no matter what.
    Really looking forward to more screenshots and trailers as development goes on!

    Best regards

  • By default, the engine uses DX9, however it is possible to force it to run in DX10 mode and enable Anti-Aliasing.

    If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, you can enable Anti-Aliasing in DX9 by downloading the nHancer application and setting it up to work with the game.

  • Thanks for the reply! Wasn’t aware of nhancer being able to force AA on, thats great news! ;)

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