Glitch with flail and buckler

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    I’ve searched through the bug reports forum for any mention of this specific bug but found none, so I decided to upload a video showing what happens when you attempt to shield strike with the buckler when using the flail.
    It appears as though the glitch is directional, and is easily replicable. When facing certain directions and striking, the buckler will simply stop short, as if you hit a wall. It will disallow a follow-up strike and the range of your strike will be shortened significantly (sometimes the buckler will go right through an enemy without detection).

    Having played 23 hours in duel mode, winning 640 of my 700 duels with the flail, I feel that this is the single most detrimental bug to the buckler and flail, as the buckler strike is an integral part of locking down an opponent in your combo string, to stop them from counter attacking. Of my losses, I can attribute several to strikes ghosting through the buckler, and others where my buckler strike simply failed, placing me in a vulnerable position.

    If you do not think this is a bug please explain why, I’ve had some players tell me that combo’ing off the buckler strike was unintentional, and others simply not sure what I’m talking about.

  • This is definitely a bug. Looking into it.

  • That just made my day! :D
    I hope it gets fixed soon so I may return to flailing about.

  • @Gauntlet:

    winning 640 of my 700 duels with the flail

    wtf for real?

  • @gregcau:


    winning 640 of my 700 duels with the flail

    wtf for real?

    640 to 706 atm, so 66 losses total. I only use the flail, and most of those victories came shortly after the first several days of patch, so I was exploiting players who didn’t read about alt strikes and the new and strange flail coming at them.

  • @SlyGoat:

    This is definitely a bug. Looking into it.

    So I found the cause of the glitch. It turns out, it is the same glitch that fists had prior to being given tracers. The buckler doesn’t produce a tracer when striking, and when in proximity to the objective in Team Obj. or other objective modes, the buckler strike would fail. The proximity to the objective even determines how far out the shield strike will reach, with medium distance having a slight reach, close to the objective having none, and far from the objective having no effect on the strike whatsoever.

    I can upload more footage if you would like, and thanks to VQ. Kimiko for pointing out the similarity to the previously tracerless fists having the same bug.

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