For Devs Eyes Only

  • I hear alot of complaints about people not being able to block one handed weapons, about feinting being unfair or taking the skill away from the game, etc… And i just wanted to add that I think right now the game is really technical. Sure you have to aim really far to block these delayed falchion swings and when a man at arms gets up close and does look down overheads with his hatchet you better block really fast and aim almost exactly at his weapon but to me that’s what makes the combat of chivalry great. If this is simplified then we’re catering to people who don’t want to learn. We can water down the game but then that’s what you got, a watered down game. Imo all the “class/weapon balance” issues and “block being broken”, etc can be overcome by skill. The best players I have played with don’t complain, they adapt. They improve their blocking and striking, etc. More TO maps would be great though ;) Thanks for reading.

  • So if this is “for Devs eyes only”, why was I able to read it?

    Am I actually a dev? Have I -always- been a dev?!

    You’re a dev Harry!!

  • I think it needs to have little tricks like feinting otherwise its just, I block, you block, I block, you block until someone makes a mistake.

    I don’t use any of the fancy tricks, I just use a shield it works well enough

  • Maybe, I am a Dev. As I read this! :D

  • As a new dev, I would like to formally declare all Archer players perma-banned.

  • OP’s full of win.
    I agree with u

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