Standard gettup for each class. And a few sugg.

  • It would be great if you could setup each class with the weapons you primarily use. So let’s say you’re primarily using the greatsword, dane axe, and throwing knives for vanguard. Well when you get into a game and are in the character selection menu you just click on vanguard and there he is, all set-up like you like him. I think it should still go into the loadout menu in case you want to change something but would be great if he was saved like that.

    Spawning with random weapons is sorta… annoying. Like spawning with fists, secondaries, or throwables. Could we spawn with our primaries always or better yet select which item we want to consistently spawn with?

    Imo the war-axe should have more stab damage. Right now it stands at 14 for the stab, same as the hatchet. And it’s got that big spike on the end. It’s already a neglected weapon because it’s slower than hatchet without enough reach to grant it enough playability. I think a more powerful stab would balance this weapon out and make it more favored among players, if it were brought up to 21 it would be on par with the morning star stab.

    Thanks for reading guys and feel free to comment on this post if you agree/disagree with any of these suggestions.

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