New game idea

  • I have been really thinking about a new game that you guys would be perfect to create it, what if you made a firs person or third person game that was based in the 1700s and would be placed in revolutionary america, you would start out as a soldier, and after surviving battles and following your officers orders, you would be promoted through the ranks as a better soldier and eventually up to a general, every time you would kill an enemy in a battle you would gain experience to be able to use better weapons, get better uniforms, or get promoted up a rank or whatever, you would be able to attack with your regiment by land and by sea, you would be able to choose which regiment you would be in, maybe be part of front line infantry or part of a cannon brigade, or maybe even part of a ship crew. After each battle, if you were just a regular soldier, you would either set up camp in a place if you were going to attack the enemy or go into a castle to wait until you or you general gave the order to go attack another enemy castle or regiment. The beauty of this is it would be a first person shooter with muskets and you would not always be the general, you might be a regular soldier or part of a cannon brigade. you would have to rise through the ranks to be a better soldier or eventually a general of a single regiment or the general of a whole army. I think it would be so cool to have a first person shooter that was based in revolutionary america, being able to be a regular soldier of an army instead of the boss all the time. You would be able to besiege castles, be engaged in regular battles or even go into hand to hand combat with your bayonet. I really hope you take a look at this, this game would be so cool if it was made!

  • 1700’s ? Why not 2700’s in a galaxy far, far away.


  • or a game in space fighting aliens, or underwater fighting gigantic fish

  • it is a good game idea though :D

  • No more mount and bladeish storyline / rebuilding. this is chivalry. no shit.

  • Have you ever played the game empire total war? If you have you know that you control the game as a strategist and have an overhead view of the battlefield when you are fighting a war, well what if you were one of those musket carrying soldiers on the battlefield. That to me would be an awesome game, but in first person.

  • It would be like mount and blade Napoleonic wars, but with a single player focus

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