Can I get the specks on what causes the stun?

  • Hey was wondering if i could get exact specs as to what causes my character to get “stunned” or “dazed” after parrying an attack. I know when your stamina is next to zero this happens right? And continued blocking at zero stamina and next to no life causes the attack to penetrate block right? Could we get some official combat mechanics and weapons damage page for this game? (I mean exact specs for head damage with certain weapons, etc…) Thanks for reading.

  • pretty sure the penetration was fixed
    here’s the doc for all the weapon values … TZnc#gid=1

  • There’s a bug that causes you to be dazed when parrying an attack from an enemy who is freshly out of stamina and just missed their next attack. It’s bizarrely specific in that you have to drain your stamina, then miss with the very next attack, then have the NEXT attack be blocked for it to stun your opponent.

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