New TO map: Treasure room

  • In this thread I give details about a new Team Objective map which I will call Treasure Room.

    The general idea is the following: the Mason are attacking a lone castle of the Agathian realm where a lot of gold is kept in a treasure room. The castle is located near the sea.

    There are 3 objectives to complete:
    1- Get a ram to the castle’s gates and break them down.
    2- Gain access to the gold.
    3- Deliver the gold to some ships and get away with it.

    For each objective I will describe the way it should be played, then suggest some additions that are not necessary but might spice up things a bit.

    Objective 1: Breaking the gates.
    The Mason spawn a bit far from the gates, either on the beach or in a forest. They must bring the ram until the gates and tear them down just like they do on stonehill. Agatha will defend, but in opposite to stonehill the Mason can find a way into the castle and another way to get the archers on the ramparts. The ram has only a short distance to cover. The Agathian could spawn on the ramparts or within the castle. Ballista and oil as usual.

    Time allowed: 8 minutes.

    In addition: Agatha can strengthen the gates by bringing wooden sticks and other fettering devices behind the gates. A couple of these are already there by default. They only reduce the amount of damage the ram does with one hit. In response, the Mason can sneak into the castle and get behind the gates to remove these stuff, therefore making the job easier for the ram.

    Objective 2: Gaining access to the treasure room.
    Every team has two spawns, equally close to the treasure room. The room’s door has 4 locks. In order to break in the room, the Mason must steal 4 keys from the Agathian that are kept in 4 different locations within the castle.

    When a Mason carries a key, he is not slowed down nor forced to hold a particular weapon. Yet if he is killed before he reaches the door, the Agathian take the key back. There is no order to capture the key or unlock the locks, and all of the 4 keys can be captured at once (though one man can only carry one key).

    Time allowed: 10 minutes.

    In addition: There are more than 4 rooms where the keys might be kept. Hence the need for the Mason to actually search for them, while they appear randomly (but never several in the same room at a time). The keys are not just left on a table waiting for someone to take them; you must kill a guard (a knight or a simple civilian but please not dressed like a filthy peasant). The guard is weak, his purpose is mostly fun time yeah.

    Objective 3: Running away with the gold.
    The gold lies in plenty of treasure chests. The Mason must take the contents of 9 chests and deliver it to their ships. One man can only carry one bag of gold at once. There are at least 3 ways to exit the treasure room and get to the port. If a Mason is killed before he gets on board, the gold is taken back. Archers and Maa are slowed down by 10% while carrying gold, vanguards by 5%, knights are not. Maa cannot dodge.

    The Mason can spawn either on the port near the ships or within the castle. The Agathian still spawn in the castle. They have access to new ramparts from which they can shoot at the ships.

    The ships can only accost one by one, and one ship can only transport the contents of 3 treasure chests. Thus, 3 ships must be loaded with gold then sail away for the Mason to win the map. The ships have a crew of archers (let’s say 2 per ship) with infinite ammo that respawn shortly after death. They don’t leave the ship, just defend it. Once a ship is loaded up, he departs and a new one replaces it shortly after.

    Time allowed: 12 minutes.

    In addition: The ships have hp and can be damaged by oil pots, torches and ballista. On the ramparts of the castle are 2 ballista, which are close enough so the archers on the ships can shoot at them, while the ballista are able to take the ships down.

    Once a ship is sunk, any gold that was on board is lost, and a new ship arrives. Ships hp must be high enough so the Agathian can only destroy a ship if the Mason don’t make any attempt to defend it while they also fail at delivering some gold quickly enough. Depending on the amount of damage each weapon does to ships, they may have a health regeneration over time.

    When a Mason carries a bag of gold, his weapon turns golden. It doesn’t do anything different as long as weapon statistics are concerned. It’s just cooler =)

    Also, it opens up for a Steam achievement named Steel? I prefer Gold: get 20 kills with a golden weapon to unlock this!

    I don’t care which team is the attacker. I just picked Mason but those who feel the first objective is redondant as regards to stonehill, just make the Agathian attack and you’ll be alright.

    I find the game more fun with some random IA character here and there, like the ships crew, the keys keepers and even some peasants wandering within the castles waiting for someone to burn their asses.

    I’m actually quite serious about the golden weapons. People just tend not to carry objectives because it turns them into first priority targets. But with this little addition, even on public server players will enjoy doing it as it is quite entertaining to cut some heads off with a sword made of gold.

    Here we are. As I love this game for it is indeed a competitive Team Objective FPS, I think new maps are the best way to help it being successful over time. I’m always thinking about new stuff to add and such, and I’ll be happy to have some feedback from the devs and the community about the Treasure Room map.

    Also thanks for reading, this is quite long >.<

  • I really like this idea, but there’s a few thing that bothers me.

    1. There shouldn’t be any option to make the gate harder to destroy by reinforcing it. It’s already hard to use the ram to destroy the door. Just have a longer path for the ram before it reach the door.

    2)The idea of having guards for Objective 2 isn’t really good. The players are the one to protect the keys, so I don’T see the purpose to add a class, or add bots to do it.

    1. Well nobody said the gates should be as hard to destroy as they are on stonehill. It could start with 20 ram hits needed, and change from 15 to 25 depending on how reinforced or weakened they get (these figures are mere examples). It adds some actual depth to the objective, which is much better than just increasing the distance. Spending too much time running in the wild is already a burning issue for most maps. Afaik the game is not called Chivalry: Medieval Walk.

    2. As I mentioned, the purpose of the guards’ presence is fun. Don’t you enjoy killing stuff? It is also about interactive environment. It makes more sense that in order to get the key, you need to kill a guard. It’s more interesting than to simply pick up the key on a table.

    Plus, the Agathian can choose between several strategy to defend the treasure room. They can either turtle and defend the door, killing whoever gets close; or they can spread up within the castle, checking for which room has a key’s keeper inside and therefore requires attention. To prevent the guards from being killed is not a major goal.

  • What woul be the point of the ram if the masons could get on another way.

    Building and dismantling isn’t nessesary and would just be another bugged mechanic.

  • The point of the ram objective is getting into the castle. I said there should be a way to get the archers on the rampart but no way to go for the keys and unlock the treasure room’s door.

    Building and dismantling as you say is not necessary. That’s why I spoke about it as an addition, ie something that is not necessary. Is it up to you though to think it would automatically be bugged.

    But actually, I’m more and more thinking about the first stage of the map as I feel like the ram scenario is redundant. Another way for the Masons to complete the first objective could be to hold a position (marked by a flag) just behind the gates, for let’s say 10 seconds.

    This way, to tear the gates down with the ram would still be relevant as it opens a much shorter way for the Masons to get to the flag, hold it for 10s, and achieve the first objective. Nevertheless, it would not be necessary anymore as to sneak into the castle is now another method to reach the flag.

    What do you guys think about this?

  • Well, I like the idea with the whole “break into castle, raid their treasure room, run for the longboats!”-scenario but I dunno about some aspects.

    I like the idea of Agathians being able to fortify the gate with poles lying around the castle. It seems only logical, and this is what people would do in medieval warfare. Or the gate could already be fortified. My thinking is that the Agathians could either spend time and manpower on retrieving these poles and set them up at the gate, or go out and meet the raiding Masons. As you said, the poles would only slow down the ram breaking into the castle and not stop it.

    First, what I don’t really like is the idea that there are alternative ways inside the castle, but you still got to break down the gate. Either the gate is the only way in, or the gate isn’t the objective. But I am kind of fond of sieges, so let’s go with the ram and have no alternative ways in… Except maybe ladders at the walls, then the objective would be just to reach the courtyard and hold it for a duration of time.

    Second, you have to find keys that spawn in random rooms? And they’re guarded by AI which we all know suck in this game? I dunno. I think there could be some different way of entering the treasure room, like rolling kegs of black powder or carrying explosive bags to the door. Then, of course, blowing it up and get access. But if we go with the keys, then they could be located on some civilian keyholder AI. Like peasants, but dressed more noble. And it’s the Agathians mission to keep these guys alive (four of them, is it?) at the random rooms they spawn at. Most likely civilian rooms like a library, a bedroom, etc.

    Third, running to the boats with all that loot. Wonder how that’s gonna work out. Since you attack from a forest probably opposite the sea, which is where your ships are waiting, that would be a long walk-around with all that loot… unless some secret tunnel out opens up. But still, you have a chest of gold in your magical space pocket and your weapon has turned golden?

    My idea is this - When you’ve blown up or opened the gates to the treasure room, you load a cart full of gold and valuables! When you’re done with that, or meanwhile doing it, you run up to the wall facing the sea and signal your boat. Lighting a fire as usual. They procede to tear the wall down and you now have a direct opening down to the smaller ships that are gonna take the loot. So now all you have to do is roll that cart full of valuables down to your ship and take off in the sunset.

    So the objectives goes like this [Break into castle] > [Find a way into treasure room] > [Load cart full of valuables] > [Signal ships from the wall] > [Roll cart down to your ship]

    Alternatively, you have to find keys to the treasure room, but you have to blow up the wall yourself from the inside, with whatever explosives the Agathians store there.

  • This would be a good idea if it was ever going to happen. 8-)

  • So here’s my thinking:

    1. You come out from the woods with a ram. The distance to push the ram isn’t too far. The objective is to get to the courtyard, so you can take your chances on the ladders if you feel like it. But the ram is probably safer, although slower. Especially if the Agathians barricade the gate. For the ladders, there needs to be a climbing animation. This animations would make you to hold your shield above your head as you climb, and when you reach the top, you should be able to defend yourself against the Agathian spears that will try to push you down. Most of the times, you will have to hope no Agathian vanguard is waiting for you.

    2. When inside, when you’ve “captured” the courtyard, you will have to venture to the treasure chamber. This will be underground, as the dotted line suggests. To get into the treasure chamber, you either find the keys like OP suggested, or you break the door in, like I suggested. I’m not opposed finding the keys, though.

    3. Once you’ve got the doors open, you will start to load the wagon outside full of gold. Your character will carry the gold in like big bags or similar, and you’ll be able to kick and bash with the bag, although protection and team work will be vital! You need 10 bags to fill the cart, but the distance won’t be that far, to compensate for the lack of attacks you can do. Or the cart will be inside the castle, closer to the treasure chamber. Or you get a golden weapon, like OP stated. I dunno what you guys would prefer.

    4. With the cart loaded full of gold, you’ll need to get out of there. The ships are now waiting at sea. You need to either blow the wall up yourself, with exposives you find inside the castle, or signal the ships on the wall where to blow it up. I dunno which one you prefer. Maybe the signaling on the wall comes before breaking into the treasure chamber, maybe the ships were hiding so this raid was a surprise attack and they show up once you light a fire. Anyways. With the wall down, you push the cart down to the shore. And boom, the Agathians are a few thousand coins shorter.

  • Some nice ideas here SavageBeatings. I will be glad to modify anything on this map as long as the community is giving good feedback about it. However, we must keep in mind that this map aims to be played in competition, which means we cannot have too many objectives for nobody will ever play a map in tournaments if it takes ages to finish it.

    That’s why I’ll stick with a maximum time that should not exceed 30 minutes. How many objectives could we reasonably complete under this duration? Two feels not enough, unfinished. As it is on the battleground map. While 5 or more is just too high. Darkforest is good with 4, but the 2 first are just the same. I like 3 clearly different objectives.

    Moving on your suggestions SavageBeatings:

    1. Ladders are a good idea. But they require new animations, or at least tweaking of already existant ones. I’m not aware of how much effort the devs are likely to put into their update of the game, but I believe the easier the better. That’s why I proposed a simple way to walk down to the ramparts (perpahs with some sort of rough quickly-made wooden bridge from a cliff to the castle). Now if someone is willing to make the ladders’ idea a reality, I’m all yeah.

    2. Breaking doors feels redundant. I thought about it at first too, then I came with the keys’ idea as it seems fresh and neat. And it would not need much coding. A Mason enters a room: if there is an IA keeper inside (let’s say a civilian, dressed in noble clothes) he slays him and get a key. Otherwise the room is empty and he shall left and search elsewhere.

    3. For the sake of variety, I prefer players carrying the gold themselves from the treasure room to the ships rather than pushing a cart. Then again, I’ll be alright with whatever the community favors.

    Yet, I’d like to raise one issue: we want the objectives to be attractive. They have to be something that makes players enjoying the game and not feeling forced to do it for this is how the map is won. That’s the idea behind the golden weapons. Who would not be happy to have his weapon turn golden? We don’t care about realism here.

    Thus, carrying bags of gold with your bare hands; therefore making you unable to attack with your main weapon or parry; sounds like players will tend not to do it. Also it would need some coding. Again we’ll see how the community reacts to this idea.

    1. You are making a lot of suggestions but at the end of the day the gold ends up aboard the ships. Let’s not make the things too complicated here. I repeat: not too many objectives if we want this map to be played in tournaments.

    Eventually, we are waiting for the modding tools that will surely determine what we might be able to create by ourselves. I will edit my first post to list the different ways each objective could be achieved. We could possibly create several version of the map and still play all of them.

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