On Screen display for TeamSpeak 3

  • In case you didn’t know, TS3 update added a plugin that allows on screen display of players in chat while in game! It also highlights players names when they talk and you can adjust many of the settings. So in TS3 goto SETTINGS - PLUGINS - and put a check in TeamSpeak 3 Overlay plugin and waaallaaa!

    You can also change it’s appearance and move the TS3 windows around in game. For appearance settings goto SETTINGS - PLUGINS - and highlight TeamSpeak 3 Overlay plugin. Then hit the SETTINGS button and the options will show up for you to play with.

    Next if you want to move the windows around in game, hit SHIFT-T which is default hot key and you can move the TS3 chat windows around to where you like them. Hit SHIFT-T again and you are back in game.

    You are welcome ;-)

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