Jailbreak Mode

  • An awesome idea for Chivalry would be a jailbreak mode. You have two teams- gaurds and prisoners. Prisoners have to kill the ALL guards or escape the jail. For guards, there is one warden and the rest are normal guards. When the guards open the prisoners’ jail cells, they tell them what to do; play simon says or first reaction last reastion, free day, etc. Guards get to choose what weapon they want to discipline the prisoners. Some prisoners (maybe all of them for balance) get a weak rusty knife when a round starts, they have to work together to discract or escape the guards. ALSO, there should be an armory that prisoners can get a hold of an assessable armory where they get weapons to fight back. I hope you check out the idea.

  • I played this on CSS! Pretty good :)

    I think it could make a good unofficial mod :)

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