Map: Tomb Raider/Indian Jones

  • Maybe something along the lines of Aion and Dredge (if you played it).

    Tomb like map layout where you fight ghost guardians, traps and puzzles to get points. But at the same time your opponents (perhaps a 5 on 5) are doing the same with lots of opportunities to go straight for the other team to put them back.

    Hair-raising rush to the end !

  • Funnily enough, the only games to have really done this type of thing well are CSS, Garry’s Mod, Zombie Master and Zombie Panic Source. It’s obviously perfect for Chivalry, with its reasonably formidable bots and UDK modding potential.

    I just hope Chivalry has enough talented designers and modders in it’s community to bring some of these awesome ideas to fruition. Perhaps a modding competition to accompany the release of the SDK would encourage a creative crowd to gather around Chivalry. Much like the competitions held by Tripwire for Killing Floor and Monochrome Games for Zombie Panic Source.

    Either way, can we get someone started on modelling the army of darkness skeletons in preparation for the SDK release?

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